Decorah Eagles 2-18-2015 6:07 First Egg

Mom has been lying in the nest cup for several minutes.
0:14 She rises to a half-standing position.
2:28 She begins to shift from foot to foot and squats lower toward the nest cup. She shifts foot to foot a few more times.
4:35 The first obvious push, accompanied by a tiny chirp. This continues for the next 4 minutes.
8:24 Final push, the egg is out, and she swipes her beak across her scapulars — a typical, perhaps reflexive motion that many eagles display just after laying an egg.
8:51 She looks underneath, then takes a long rest, still squatting over the nest cup and the new egg.
10:46 She begins to shift around, while the camera’s infrared light comes on.
11:19 She gently rolls the egg, and we get our first glimpse. She nuzzles in the nest material to make a soft bed for the egg. She continues to rotate around the nest cup.
12:21 Another roll of the egg.
12:52 A good view of the egg as she continues to rotate and nuzzle the nest materials.
13:34 She settles over the egg finally, lowers herself and shimmies her brood patch over the egg.


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