21 thoughts on “Dassault Rafale 2016 Full speed takeoff with afterburner”

  1. Mean machine. Its fuselage reminds me somewhat of an F104. Interesting that the French stayed with a delta wing, albeit with canard, for their 4th Gen fighter. Awful field characteristics but low wing loading and high fuel fraction. Very strong shape. Also interesting that the French, not satisfied with what became Typhoon, were determined to construct their own very similar aircraft instead of cooperating with their NATA and EU allies. Although – they ARE, well, French….

  2. Wow, 9 seconds from brake release to rotation, 10 seconds to airborne. It seems that not only was in clean configuration, but also very light in fuel.

  3. caro o bastante para falir qualquer nação de terceiro mundo.
    Quem o comprar não precisa ser atacado por ninguém, só a manutenção dispendiosa acabará com o país financeiramente.

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