26 thoughts on “Dan Bilzerian Instagram & Vine Compilation 2016 HD”

  1. 7:25 Just for this, he deserves to be hanged in the middle of the Amazone forest . such people that thinks money gives them all rights should be sentenced to death, coz they have the ability, due to theire wealth, to make huge damage to earth, nature and corrupt society

  2. Is it a coincidence that dumb looser and kim karadashian family are both american from armenian origins ?
    Conclusion : Give an american armenian huge undeserved wealth, will turn him into the dumbest showoff on earth.
    but such people are what makes social media and reality shows producers so successfull

  3. People can't even have one day in their entire life like Dan Bilzerian does! He's practically living the unthinkable and unimaginable dream, and it's his reality!

  4. … che casamonica! Manifestazione chiara in disprezzo per il resto e assenza assoluta di responsabilità, equilibrio e civiltà. Prima o poi verrà anche il suo turno e tutto ciò che dimostra sarà solo polvere.

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