Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2015 [NEW HD]

Cats and Dogs love their fur-less counterparts, babies.

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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20 thoughts on “Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2015 [NEW HD]”

  1. it may look cute but this is dangerous. Small human children are literally retarded and doesn't know what they are doing as well completely defenseless.
    If a child accidentally would kick a cat in a sensitive area or flail their fists into a dogs face like the clueless retards human babies are, things could go very wrong very fast. Clawed out eyes, hands, arms, throat bit and or face bit, potential serious injury. Instantly followed by loud screaming and desperate cries for help (can potentially blow your fucking eardrums out and anger the animals further)..

    Humans babies are pathetic and annoying idiots most of the time until they are around 3 years of age. The animals could also get injured in these situations, stupid babies could poke their eyes out with a toys while "playing" / randomly throwing! objects around them like they always do, some times even purposely aiming for others like siblings and or animals.. Again, potentially hitting the animal in the face / head or what ever, creating dangerous situations for both the animals and them selves..
    Stop having animals around babies you dumb asses…

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