Cute Babies Playing with Big Dogs Compilation January 2015 [720p HD VIDEO]

Dogs and Babies are best friends, they can play together and big dogs are good nannies for our babies. Cute babies love playing with big dogs too. Most baby friendly dogs are labrador and boxer.
Watch in this video cute babies and cute dogs friendship

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19 thoughts on “Cute Babies Playing with Big Dogs Compilation January 2015 [720p HD VIDEO]”

  1. Sorry but u re totally wrong! Dogs and most animals have got more powerful immune system than humans. For example; dogs mouth more clean than us because of they have more powerful regular bacteria. So if a baby grow up with a dog, his immunity getting better. (except for genetic diseases.)

  2. anyway We have to take all precautions,,,, and don't leave our kids alone with dogs, ….remember that they are animals and the animal instic prevails,, as nurse …I've seen too many cases, when the animals attack

  3. So sweet! And those big dogs were so gentle with the babies! Grew up with a boxer named Duchess who was always was aways gentle yet playful! Sweet vids. Thanks for the uploads. Miss having a big dog!

  4. Not very responsible. Some dogs like to claim terrain and display their dominance when faced with small creatures – and children like this are very much a representation of that. Been many bad cases of attacks, even some kills. People, do not leave your child alone with dogs. Even better, don't let dogs around small children.

  5. I wonder if any of these parents understand what a risk they are taking. Which one is the pet? The baby? You are playing with a baby's life or at the very least a lifetime of plastic surgery. THINK!

  6. there was a story on the news once where the mother left her baby with a big dog and when she came back, her baby was torn into pieces. Better safe than sorry! Would probably only expose my toddler to a chihuahua at most.

  7. i have had dogs all my life up until now, and i miss having a dog, this is a cute video but their are some parts that made me uncomfortable watching the baby with the mastiff the child looked kind of scared when the dog was trying to smell his face and the one where the baby put the toy in his mouth after the dog had his mouth on it. the dog cleans himself with his tongue and sometimes eats other nasty things as well, i would not let my baby put something in his mouth after the dog had his mouth on it. and even the one where the baby was feeding the dogs. some dogs do not like their food messed with like what some one else said food aggression. but other then that this is a cute video a lot better the the other one i watched.

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