CRS8 Comes Home – SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster 04-19-2016

Just another amazing sight from SpaceX and ground crew. The Falcon 9 booster, taller than the traffic lights, slid through intersections with ease. All the best professional drivers, rigger’s, security and crane operators. Congratulations to all of the workers. We are a US disabled veteran run, non profit video production company who’s mission is to bring other disabled US Veterans to witness a launch, experience US Space History and become a part of our report. Our nonprofit 501(c)(3) is 100% tax deductible, just go to our webpage which is merged with and find our Donate button. You can help change the life of a US Veteran. Thank You


28 thoughts on “CRS8 Comes Home – SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster 04-19-2016”

  1. Any idea how long it takes for the first stage to return to Port Canaveral after landing on the barge at sea? And do they only bring it into port in the evening/night time due to cruise ship traffic coming in and out during daylight hours? I've seen it standing (hooked up to the crane) in port but would like to see it being towed in.

  2. Imagine if someone went GTA on this truck. Kicks out the driver and takes off at 90mph down the road! That would be hilarious. I kind of want that as a mission for the new GTA when it comes out, steeling a Rocket booster stage!

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