Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Jr ●Wonderful Skills 2015● |HD|



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19 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Jr ●Wonderful Skills 2015● |HD|”

  1. this is insanely great C.Ronaldo kept me in love with football and Neymar is going to keep me watching when he's gone. Its the creativity of skillful players that I enjoy. They aren't afraid to try things most only practice and it brings magic to the game.

  2. Neymar moves and skills are natural, instinctive, pure talent…..Ronaldo's on the other hand look very mechanical, artificial, unnatural without saying they are not good. Therefore, I prefer the instinctive Neymar over the artificial CR.

  3. Neymar is 23 years old. I think that ronaldo had a little more skills at that age but far less effective then the skills neymar has shown. Besides from that, neymar has more assists then ronaldo in the season 2015/16. And I think that neymar is currently worth way more then Ronaldo. It's okay to compare Neymar with Ronaldo, but people who are comparing ronaldo to messi are just dumbasses. Everybody knows that Messi is by far by far by far the best player in the world. The only thing ronaldo comes close by with is scoring goals

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