Coolest computers of CES 2016

See more at CES 2016:
Get ready for OLED screens and virtual reality in this year’s laptops, desktops and hybrids.

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29 thoughts on “Coolest computers of CES 2016”

  1. Why are you guys so excited about this ugly blue Dell laptop … Show some excitement for other products … -.- and that guy with the glasses on is obviously anti-samsung

  2. Some people go out and buy the latest and most expensive laptops (such as the Microsoft Surface Book). I'm sure a 2 year old laptop (assuming it has the required specs) can do the same tasks as a brand new top of the range laptop can. For example, I only use a laptop for surfing the web, emailing and word processing (the most basic tasks), which suggests I don't need a laptop with the latest and greatest specs (16GB RAM and an Intel Core I7 processor). My laptop has 2GB of RAM and an AMD processor which is found in most small laptops and tablets; and that is fine for me.

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