1. If you did find the remains of a creature that might be bigfoot why didn't you take the remains to a lab and have the remains analyzed to prove it is an unknown creature that might be a real bigfoot and proving once and for all it does exist.

  2. You are obviously finding it difficult to identify, so I will help you out. It is a woolly mammoth calf that has recently been defrosted in the Siberian tundra due to the warming climate. Lots of these types of animals are appearing from out of the melting permafrost due to climate change. Have a nice day.

  3. Excuse me, folks….but, is that human sneaks up near his hands? Davie Paulides has written some missing in state/national park pieces….and shoes seem to an issue. Clearly, if this is a sas, he couldn't wear the human's shoes on his feet….but, on his hands? Why?……or….did someone just toss the shoes there? Hmmmm….

  4. yes I do believe in bigfoot. The picture of the corpse is very hard to really see much in the way of identifying body parts. I really wish somebody would get some good footage of bigfoot.

  5. Why would the idiot with the camera only take the ONE PHOTO ? Looks like two legs with three large toes from the ONLY angle provided but could NOT see the head. NOT ENOUGH INFO.

  6. I know its boneless Bigfoot, I mean think about it there's boneless chicken. Why not boneless Bigfoot? I'm not even going to analyze. this one it reeks of fakery. It could be that a costume was left out in the elements for several weeks, months and voila dead bigfoot. Fake

  7. probably a bear of some sort, and it looks like there's a bird head there to. its possible a bear attacked the bird or vice versa. it was a very very fierce fight and both were injured badly. the bear probably won but was severely injured. it was trying to survive off the bird but in its sleep some animal attacked it. (why some parts are missing) the bear was farly to injured to win the fight but the other animal didn't do well either. thats why it left the bear. the bear was then extremely injured, to much to move and eat, and died of starvation with the bird. other animals took bits and pieces of each animal, thats why it looks so distorted. – bubsack101 FBI agent wannabe

  8. From what I understand about bigfoot they do not leave their own out to rot…they bury them. Not a bigfoot…I'm inclined to agree with Mark B., dead bear.

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