30 thoughts on “Comedones dilated pores of winer – Best blackhead removals of Karma 2017 – Procedure SPEX”

  1. TO ALL THE ASSHOLES COMMENTING: This is a medical camp in India that provides free services to villages that can't afford it. It is all original content and you would know Karma isn't a doctor if you actually took the time to read his about section. So stfu.

  2. You dirty fucking smelly Indians have NO CLUE how to extract blackheads or cysts…you leave everything and just pulled out the heads thinking you did something, all you do is cause unnecessary pain to the person and leave them with the certainty of MRSA…IDIOTS!

  3. please complete the the job!!!!!!!! I hate when u do like remove three blackheads but the person has 50 plus. and camera still shakey. love your content, but you have to do more for ur fans, please!!!!!!!!

  4. The ear blackheads really interest me. I've seen quite a few from Australia, and some from America, but the ones from India really take the prize for so many. Is there a reason for this? Is it genetics? Is it the heat? I plan to do a paper on this. I hope you can enlighten me. Thank you for the great videos. You do such a good job.

  5. The blackheads that, you are removing are really hard, deep, & really stuck ( well, some push right out too ) but, you keep showing the same videos over & over again. Those few patients that you work on, have very good comedones to extract but, you are only showing part of them. I would like to see all the comedones extracted on each face. I can't for the life of me, figure out WHY YOU DON'T SHOW THEM ALL BEING EXTRACTED. I get all happy when, I see that you have put up a new video, but very disappointed when, it's a duplicate video. Overall, I do like all the other aspects.

  6. What type of "cream" did you give the man with Favre-Rocheto? You've never said if you are a doctor or not, just doing "case studies" on patients. I truly hope that you are a doctor or licensed to do these procedures. Your videos are always vague in what you really do, as from time to time you're taking vacations because of the "trolls". I just hope that the patient is getting the proper treatment and that a clean and sterile instruments are used.

  7. Not a bad attempt at all as the ears are tricky.
    Just a bit of advice which might help is to watch how Josefa Reina manages to remove these awkwardly placed comedones.

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