COASTERMANIA! at Cedar Point 2015

Swarms of coaster enthusiasts and muffleheads descended on Cedar Point for the annual CoasterMania event. It featured hours of ERT on several coasters and other rides, a free lunch and complimentary merchandise. I didn’t arrive early enough for morning ERT, so I missed out on the early activities. Wicked Twister was the only coaster down for the day. Top Thrill Dragster was closed during evening ERT due to windy conditions, and replaced with Millennium Force – awesome! Filmed Friday, June 5, 2015.

This video features 16 of CP’s 17 coasters (again, Wicked Twister wasn’t open) and some other stuff I encountered during my visit, including another peek behind the construction fences. The fake snowflakes you see floating around in many scenes are cottonwood seeds. And the bugs, they’re muffleheads, and they’ll be followed by mayflies soon enough.

Many thanks to all the great folks at Cedar Point for hosting this event year after year. It’s fun to meet up with fellow enthusiasts and ride some rides! And thanks to all of you for your support – I certainly appreciate it!


20 thoughts on “COASTERMANIA! at Cedar Point 2015”

  1. love your videos, do ever shut you camera off, I can't imagine how you get such great shots all the time. I suspect you might have some inside access somewhere…lol…keep it up it up though I love watching them…Just wanna say I was there for Haunt 2015 last week and was really dissapointed with the haunts. Rides were great as always but the haunt was sub par at best, not what I remember from years past…no actor interaction at all, lonlg lines where there didn't need to be lines at all, iit was a bit dissapointing..

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