19 thoughts on “CNET On Cars – 2015 LA Auto Show special edition​, Ep. 78”

  1. Glad Emme is part of CNET now! She has a distinctive personality in her presentation, which is why Cooley is the best. The other reviewers sound like drones.

  2. Fiat 124: Finally, an Italian car with Japanese reliability!
    Cadillac XT-5: A needed update/replacement for the again SRX, really blends with their lineup.
    Honda Civic: Dramatic upgrade from the previous generation.
    Hyundai Elantra: Similar to the Civic; a needed update that looks to please.
    Mercedes SL: An exterior & light interior refresh for a model that debut in 2012: yawn!
    Volvo Concept 26: Interesting…

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