Civilization 6 Gameplay Demo – IGN Live: E3 2016

We talk to the lead designer of Civilization 6, Ed Beach

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43 thoughts on “Civilization 6 Gameplay Demo – IGN Live: E3 2016”

  1. Nice analysis, thanks a lot! I find there are not much news about trading and resource management. One of the things I hated the most from Civ V was precisely hiw poor the IA was regarding a resource trading: either they ask you resources for free or pretended to get 3 times what you offer; but once a trade was done, nothing special happened but a temporal bonus on hapyness and food.

    I'd prefer a deeper mechanics like in Endless Legend, for instance, where you could spend resources to boost some statistics like money, production, science, etc. Do you know whether Civ VI will have these kind of mechanics implemented in the gameplay?

  2. is it just me or is anyone else turned off by the fact workers build instantly and die after they build 5 things instead of you keeping them forever and keeping them safe like in civ 5 and that there trying to speed up the gameplay like civ revolution.

  3. Anyone played Civilization Revolution? Yeah that's where the art came from. I'm not gonna say that I'm in love with the cartoonish direction of the character design, but then again if the characters didn't match the world then that would be a problem too for some. Ah well, I'm hyped anyway.

  4. I was really looking forward to Civ 6, I waited 5 years for a cartoon game? I'm passing on this version. Obviously they didn't do any focus groups on the new design judging by how many people hate the new art work.

  5. I wish they would innovate the luxury resource system.. it's not realistic that one copy of a luxury resource can meet the demands of all your population regardless of how large it is. I wish the resources you find would have a number of that resource available (like strategic resource in Civ5) and you'd need to trade for more if your pop grows, and you can get access to more of that same resource tile with more advanced technology. Also, I like a system that allows for building small trading posts on resources outside of your borders which would give you a small amount of that resource base until either your border or someone else's borders expand to that tile (in which case your post will be demolished without needing to declare war)

  6. They need to bring back the function from Civ IV where you could pick different leaders for the same Civ. I think that added more depth to the game, having a different play style for each separate leader even within the same nation.

  7. With Civs detail we will have to play it to really know its depth. But only by looking at it, i am looking forward to Civ 7. In a way i liked Civ 5's 'grittiness'. I think there are better ways of moving towards a safer more 'family' fanbase than by making it look this soft 🙁 There will always be a sad, abusive, competitive element to some of the people who play these games but i dont think covering that up outlet up with artwork is the best approach.

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