Chronixx – Likes – February 2017

Chronixx – Likes 2017 Soul Circle Music Buy On iTunes: – *TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS …

by StreetfrassMusic

Howdy! There are hundreds of thousands of humorous videos on the internet, with some of them being so funny one can’t resist laughing, while others lighten our mood up after a hard day at the office. As for today, our team’s experts have spotted and recommend this video to all of you, with an astonishing number of 20824 likes!

Try not to laugh!

  • Duration: 4:23
  • Date & time added: 2017-02-11 22:33:47
  • Views: 1926216

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19 thoughts on “Chronixx – Likes – February 2017”

  1. Jah know star due to how the song shot they played it at Graduation on steel pans. Realest thing out there right now!!! Nuff a unuh a miss the point.. feel like dress up inna one bandana dress and fling me shoulder and buss the ray ban dance when me hear this. #brandJamaica

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