Christopher Bollyn: Solving 9-11, Deception That Changed The World – NEW 2017!

Christopher Bollyn solves the deception of 9-11 at the Neptune Beach Library in Florida. Contact Christopher at

by johnny mars

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43 thoughts on “Christopher Bollyn: Solving 9-11, Deception That Changed The World – NEW 2017!”

  1. Comments about this great video, presenting the true about Israel led (using US military) global catastrophe , gives me hope that Americans finally realise how much evil is done and how misled they have been by their own government..This criminals should be hunted by special forces instead of Iraqis and Afghanis. Great job and great research!

  2. I'm not anti-semetic, but it's clear than Isreal had a legitimate motivation to attack the United States in order to stimulate a military response that would benefit their country's aggressive foriegn policy outlook.

    I went from not even thinking about Isreal as a suspect, to now almost convinced Isreal perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

  3. Mr. Bollyn your intellectual caliber is simply astounding. Please investigate and leave a legacy to the world of you stripping the Holyhoax myth which established the criminal state of Israel… help strip it from power and influence forever.

  4. I Wil do my part to get this video out to every one I know. Its about time damn time these Jews get exposed to the world. People out here talking about taking America back..start with getting the Jews out of the government.

  5. Ok, if all this is true then I'd say mystery solved.

    Now, let's ask an important question: is the rampant dysfunction in the Muslim world the fault of American/Israeli foreign policy? I'm not talking about the destabilization of various Arab countries/governments, and I'm not talking about blowback that leads to increased rates of radicalization. I'm talking about throwing acid in the faces of little girls who want to go to school – stoning adulterers – honor killing rape victims – forced child marriages – throwing gays off of buildings – beheading infidels – the curtailing of human rights for women and girls – and the endless bloodshed between Sunni and Shia. Regardless of of the actions of the West, Islam has proven itself time and time again to be a barbaric, low-IQ, bronze-age death cult. Islam, quite clearly is not compatible with the West, hell they can't even stop murdering *each other*.

    So, look, I don't condone what happened on 9-11, and I don't condone America and Israel's escapades in the middle east. But if Jews/Christians/Muslims are stuck in this fight to the death, and if there's nothing we can do about it, whose side do you choose? Do you choose the side that is at least civilized and has the highest IQs on the planet, or the do you choose a barbaric 5th century low-IQ death cult?

    I've made up my mind – I'm siding with the Jews.

  6. Very well put together Mr Bollyn it all fits,one has to admire the israeli intellingence agencies for the way they control the operation from the start to finish even to building the monument to the people they have murdered if all is true.They certainlly have the western governments tied up, not hard i suppose when they control the money supply and the media.One possible loose end by sending the scrap metal to china ,if i was the chinese government i would have that metal examined and anything suspicious saved and filed away ''for later''.

  7. Osama bin Oswald. There is mounting evidence the MOSSAD was behind the JFK assassination. JFK and Charles de Gaulle were against Israel having nuclear weapons. Both got shot at as a result. Buildings # 7 and the Twin Towers underwent a symphony of demolition technology INCLUDING a specialized nuclear device 77 meters directly below each building. This technology does exist and we witnessed its use on 9/11.

  8. If & I say if Israel is behind this then why did they begin this plan right after ww2? I have to ask myself why then. What made it so imperative to start then? Why are the Saudis free & clear of wrongdoing? Why is there no mention of yellow cabs in NY all pulled over before the attack.on a busy Monday. It was seen by many, not imaginary. Did all middle easterners know yet not one tried to speak up beforehand even knowing their country would possibly be implicated? The Middle East as a whole could be implicated. What are you saying? The 22 camps most know about are full of rebels waiting for further orders? This lecture has opened many questions for me. Or still those unanswered. Some facts are brought forward some are just opinion, a statement. Much conjecture from Bollyn. You know, things are not always what they seem. But do I believe there's corruption? Definitely. Lots of corruption. Yet lumping LBJ, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, both Bush', Obama, Trump into the same circle is hard to grasp. If it were so then why in heavens name has there been such a force to discredit President Trump? The media is with Israel? Obama was with Israel but was just leveling the playing field? These middle eastern muslims are peace loving? Muslims expanded & took over Euro-Asia at an increasing pace over the last few decades. I am supposed to believe that this all happened solely because of Zionists Jews? That they kill all Christians just to get us to hate Muslims? Christians are the bait. It seems rather wild.

  9. The world would be very peaceful without these Rich Psychopathic Khazars greeding up the world for their profit and gain which doesnt matter one bit when you enter the Spirit World afterlife…Everything is Consciousness ….that they fail to understand…they are adrift in the sea of greed and envy,its a shame they cant enjoy the simple things in life .

  10. So which is worsre, being anti-semite, anti-arabe, or anti-American? You say it will never be taken to court, but what about satelite evidence, Mr. Putin may have some eye opening evidence!

  11. I have a great amount of res[ect for Christopher Bollyn, but I don't see anything wrong with Balkinization. In fact USA should be split up into cultural groups each with their own sovereign nation.

  12. Bollyn was here last night in Santa Cruz, CA, where he was scheduled at one venue ("Grange") only to later be banned. Then he was booked at another local Grange, only to be banned there hours before the event. Undaunted, the meeting was held outdoors near the beach under lantern light. Great investigative reporter! Thanks, Christopher.

  13. i can hardly listen to this lecture, ( it literally turns my stomach, ) because i am sure Mr. Bollyn got it right, but no one will ever stand up and fight Israel ( & Zionism) succssefully. that means destroy it completley. too may profit from it. as well as too many Arabs and NonJews are complicit in it. we as Non Zionists are guilty as well for going along with their Agenda.

  14. Folks? LOOK HARD at what you see when these towers (so-called collapsed pancake) fell!!!! THEY TURNED TO DUST!!!!!
    This energy weapon that "WAS" used Can be used for great great things!!! RE-LOOK PEOPLE!!! RE-LOOK!!!

  15. "You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."

  16. Christians and truthers, I finally discovered the word you want to use “TALMUDIAN”, Not Jew. Use the word Jew and your wide open for KO because your condemning the twelve apostles, the Christians and the innocent so your wide open to be called an anti-Semite, a bigot, a hatemonger but if you use the word "Talmudian" your defense cannot be Brocken. You see, if you us the word Talmudian then only Talmudians are Talmudians, don’t use the word Jew. We are sure that Abraham would not be a brother with Talmudians. There you have it truthers, go with it. Let the populace learn a new word, "Talmudians". If queers can use the word gay to identify themselves then we can use the word Talmudians to identify the wicket children of Satan. 
    Good luck and I love you, even though I criticize you sometimes We are brothers in Christ–I hope.

  17. Have you noticed that some of these places they want to invade have their own banks , not rothchild banks. They want to implant their government and their banks to create a world wide bank and economy for the new world order. Korea is on this list

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