40 thoughts on “Chris Brown X Rihanna 2017 (See you Around)”

  1. people have soo much shit to say she will always love him no matter what the public says she said it out her own mouth… they are meant for each other. not justifying his actions but karruche is a push over so chris will treat her like one.its kinda sticky now because royalty is in the pic but if god wants them to be together nothing can keep them apart. time is the master of all things . so #teambrihzy keep yall fingers crossed.

  2. Amazing how many people talk about Chris Brown abusing RiRi. Ever think she might have fought back too. she's not the girl who's gonna stay down when being hit. It's two ways. Yes he's wrong but that's the past. Many of us have worse skeletons in our closets that make its look petty so STOP JUDGING. He has grown, he has become more mature. Cut Chris some slack with some of your oh so self-righteous comments.

  3. I really whant to God bring this wonderful people togheter back again beaucause they are very nice preatty cople ever i miss them and the song's of them toghether and i hope this gonna comme true big love never die…

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