CHEAP RGB Mechanical Keyboard 2017! – Mechanical Eagle Z-88

Being a fan of the Mechanical Eagle Z-77, Granvela were kind enough to send me the Z-88 for review – Here’s what I think of it. SUBSCRIBE!

by Tech Tesseract

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42 thoughts on “CHEAP RGB Mechanical Keyboard 2017! – Mechanical Eagle Z-88”

  1. I was wondering if I can chose teal blue and stays like it then in other day red or is only keep changing colors>?? does it stays or do I have to do this everyday while I turn on computer or it stays the way I chose colors

  2. Identical to the rapoo v720 i bought, clearly they come from the same factory. Just paid $59aud for it and couldnt be happier. Feels better than the g910 i was using previously as sad as that is to admit.

  3. I'm sorry I couldn't ignore it. Call me a grammar Nazi all you want but Z is not pronounced ZED it's pronounced Zee. And before you say some shit about an accent or culture or alphabet. Do you ZEDach or ZEDane when saying a friends name? Of course you don't

  4. Is orange one of the colours? I know it seems superficial but my PC will be glowing bright orange and every piece of hardware I have bought is either orange or can be lit in orange… I like orange.

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