Chase Your Legend – Doublelift | Worlds 2017

Ambition is a relentless drive to succeed, and one of many attributes of a champion. The pursuit of mastery is an endless journey, but those who persevere etch …

by LoL Esports

Gaming is entertaining and quite funny sometimes, especially when gamers make walkthrough videos and jump off their chairs every time a scary monster appears in front of their eyes. Luckily for you, we have some of the BEST and most “nerdy” gaming experts that select only the COOLEST and most interesting videos from the world of gaming for you. This video has received 26561 likes and, should you like it, it could reach an even bigger amount of likes!

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46 thoughts on “Chase Your Legend – Doublelift | Worlds 2017”

  1. fact
    Bjerg > Faker
    Doublelift > Uzi&PraY
    Biofrost > Mata&CoreJJ&Bang
    Hauntzer > Cuvee&Khan&Impact&MaRiN
    Svenskeren > Wolf

    i'm an SKT fan but i need to speak the truth,next year is going to be TSM YEAR

  2. Doublelift inspired me to be an ADC main.After I saw his epic Vayne And Tristana montage,I Started playing as an ADC.It was a dissapointment to see TSM not winning Group Stage because of Doublelift Mis-Position in teamfight.I Hope TSM will comeback stronger for Next Season Worlds Championship. 🙂

  3. Everyone's like working hard to achieve their dream in LoL. To be the best player, to win worlds, to get to challenger… and I'm just here eternally trolling and I can never play serious :'). AD RAKAN JUNGLE LET'S GO

  4. Well at least he still held true to his introduction.

    "I was never good, I'm an international choker, I'm washed up, past my prime, I get carried by my teammates, I'm toxic, I play with no brain, I just got lucky, I'm a quitter, so why did I come back?"

    You came back to fail again.

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