CES 2017 Mashup – Patriot / Gigabyte / LN2 Overclocking

You guys have been bugging me to look in to LN2 overclocking, well I have met some folks at CES who are willing to hold my hand along the way…. finally!

by JayzTwoCents

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29 thoughts on “CES 2017 Mashup – Patriot / Gigabyte / LN2 Overclocking”

  1. noty exactly most of your gamer audience does on the norm but i guess could be fun to watch for a sec, the problem i have with this ln2 overclocking is that it means absolutely nothing other than i froze my cpu and make it clock to 7 gig for a minute. who the fuck cares ? and why waste a shit ton of money on ln2, oh yea you got it free. no one cares man. put your pc in a chest freezer for an hour and over clock it to 7 gigs its man im losing it with you jay. get back to your roots and humor.the only reason these companys sponsor this shit is to make us dumbshits believe it must be a great fkn product if they over clocked it that high. when in reality no it isnt . i watched a complete fkn retard freeze his amd build 18oox and get it to 6.5 gig which was funny to watch, but in the end i dun give a shit.

  2. FINALLY AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS, SOMEBODY DOES IT! I always wondered why overclockers never thought about getting the water out of the air instead of putting these plastic things here, absorbents there to try to contain water condensation somehow…

  3. I honestly feel like PC gaming just continues to get more exciting. Even if some changes or ideas are bad or mediocre, it's better for us all in the long run when they get things right.

  4. That ln2 auto regulated idea is awesome. If they can do cpu and gpu and build it all into 1 case that doesn't look like ass(case can be as big as needed just one box) I'd be interested in it. I wonder how much ln2 it would go through keeping the system arround ambient for a month used as a normal pc.

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