CES 2017 highlights: the top 7 gadgets you need to know about

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We put our CES 2017 highlights into one (literally) snappy video, counting down all of the best tech you’ll want to buy into 2017 and beyond. This includes Razer …


26 thoughts on “CES 2017 highlights: the top 7 gadgets you need to know about”

  1. Fuck HUAWEI and all Chinese State run or associated companies! This country has blocked or stolen TRILLIONS of dollars in profits that western counties intellectual properties and designs could have made or sold Asian Russia, middle east and latin America also brazil. This is the new war China wants to win Steals all are ideas that have made the west what it is today and make it so the Chinese that want that same tech or comfort with instead buy it from a china company that stole it from some western company. If you'er at CES or any tech expo and you see Chinese people taking detailed pictures and speaking in groups they are talking about how to copy this shit first for their own people cause that is where the future profits will be for the world but then back to American and the west to out compete are own labor force and eventually the economy. So like it's happening today with companies like Apple & the American movie industry, china is by coercion with it's mass amounts of money in a way force said companies to turn a blind eye to any of their miss deeds. Also to promote the china peoples republic propaganda machine while they are militarizing and looking to be the world dominator. Just imagine a country that will kill people for dancing as the true global dominator!?

  2. Faraday Futures Electric car 0-60 claim is really kinda bogus. 2.39s is quick, very very quick, BUT those times come from prototype cars that don't contain all the bells, whistles and interior bits that the final production model will have, and that means the car will be substantially heavier. A heavier car means, slower performance. Tesla's times are based on the actual production model.

  3. The whole Sony projector isn't new. First time I saw that was back in 2008. I don't remember the name of the brand but it did the same thing. It projected what was on your pc screen and it worked with a stylus. Same concept of the smart board which has been out since the mid 2000 and also project what's on your pc and it's controlled by touch and so on. I'm not knocking on Sony, I'm just saying this isn't new tech, you can find cheap version on ebay, not sure about amazon. But they are out there.

  4. Interesting video, but the actual benefits the presenters are portraying here are 'nice to haves'. There are plenty of real world benefits they could've highlighted instead of things like "you can project stuff to watch fun videos together instead of passing the phone around". Wow. 🙂

  5. I guess all the idiots stupid enough to have already bought a Tesla will be pissed that there's another battery car that's 0.0000000001 of a second faster to 60mph? so whats going to happen to all the batteries when they are fucked?……. Oh we'll worry about that when the time comes then wack a tax on battery disposal.

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