Causes of Depression and solution for it !!! ~ Mufti Menk 2016 (Trinidad and Tobago)

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30 thoughts on “Causes of Depression and solution for it !!! ~ Mufti Menk 2016 (Trinidad and Tobago)”

  1. Mashallah beautiful talk by Shyakh.Actually I am suffering from depression for quite a long time. In my opinion reaching out people ,greeting others and help them are very useful tips given by Mufti Monk. May Allah give us right direction and reward his slave for good deeds. Ameen.

  2. Assalamu alaikum brothers. My wife is new muslim, she did not follow me, she did not performing salah. I want my wife like me, a pious me. please help me… I want a dua to change the attitude of my wife.

  3. I want to see Mufti Ismail Menk in my country ….. Bangladesh …. ! i love him so much … & i m good follower of him…. ! i trying to implement his advice in my life …. my life changing ….. I was depressed a lot ….. !

  4. be an example to our children, be a friend to them but do it without breaking the commands of Allah .help others and Allah will help you inshaAllah. have meals together ,joke with one another but do it without backbiting others or laughing at the shortcomings of others. be contented with what Allah has decreed for us.

  5. My husband always backbites abt me in front of his mum n others it shatteres me . He says he is not doing wrong what shud I do to stop him from this . I can't b happy with this behaviour always towards me any one cud suggest anything

  6. As Salaam Wa Alaikum All,
    Just on Mufti Saaps comment on changing after an incident. I became paralyzed 8 years ago after a diving accident, and am permenantly in a wheelchair disabled. Apart from being unable to do anything, i started performng all my Sallats. I am so content because of this, that it took an accident for me to change. Allah Hu Allam. Allah is great. Jazakallah Mufti Saap for all your lectures. Allah grant you the highest status in Janaah Ameen. Please remember me in your duas.

  7. Depression paralysed me . I went through a bad divorce two yrs ago and am still battling it. my depression makes it hard for me to find work

  8. I suffer from clinical depression, but find when I implement such small acronyms that by the will of allah I start to feel better, I love Islam and hope to stay a Muslim forever and go to jannah

  9. You are one of my favourite dae all times, I wish to hear you on live lecture, but since I living in Saudi Arabia, is not allow, so one day if Allah will you will come my birth home in ethiopia, hope I'll listen your powerful and magnificent speach Inshaallh, there

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