Car Tech – Honda concept shows exciting next generation Civic model
At the 2015 New York auto show, Honda gave us a look at a design concept for the new Civic, with much more exciting styling cues than the current model.

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19 thoughts on “Car Tech – Honda concept shows exciting next generation Civic model”

  1. Civic Si coupe. Us Australians wish it would come to our country. All we got is a bunch of boring as shit like Civic and Accord sedan, some people mover and SUV. Not a single performance model. At least you guys in America still get Si coupes.

    And they're fuckin expensive too. The CR-Z cost $40k here, and it's not the Mugen supercharged version. That's why Honda is near the bottom of the seller's list.

  2. Why make a car that looks like this and connect it to a CVT?  I just don't see what Honda is thinking here.  At least give us a 6 speed auto.  Too me this should be their SI look and something totally different for the family eco versions, that look more to what they really are, eco boxes.  It will be interesting to see what the public goes for.

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