Can a Hindu Girl Marry With Muslim Boy???? by Dr Zakir Naik 2016

Zakir Naik was born on 18 October, 1965 in Mubmbai, India. He is one of the best Islamic preacher, who has been called authority on comparative religions.
Dr Zakir Naik is one of the most influential Islamic scholars in the world. He always try to preach humanity and Zakir Naik is also founder and president of Islamic Research Foundation.
Zakir Naik always speaks and debate of different topics of Islam his main goal is to spread the true teachings of Islamic and Quran.
This channel is delegated to Zakir Naik and purpose of this channel to give you topic wise knowledge on Islam and to spread the true Islamic Knowledge. All copyright belongs to PeacTV and Dr Zakir Naik. If you wants to talk to us please sent us message on YouTube.


40 thoughts on “Can a Hindu Girl Marry With Muslim Boy???? by Dr Zakir Naik 2016”

  1. Holy Spirit is a real person, that's why Jesus said: "He will come, the spirit of truth". Jesus said: "The spirit of truth will be with you forever" (John 14:16). Well, Mohammad is dead. Jesus said: "I will send you the comforter" (John 16:7). If it's Mohammad and Jesus is the one who sent him, that makes Jesus God of Mohammad. That makes Jesus Allah, right. The Spirit of truth, the world cannot accept Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. But you know Him, for he lives with you and will be in you (John 14:17). Well, the world saw Mohammad, he was flesh and bone. Jesus is talking so clearly, without any reason to doubt, about a Spirit here.

    Why I know for sure Jesus is talking about Holy Spirit, because I have received Holy Spirit. Muslims try to interpret it in many ways, fails pathetically as in this video, they could never get it. You need to accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour, get baptized (not mandatory, but highly recommended for a powerful presence) and turn away from your wicked ways/sins to receive the Spirit of God. Holy Spirit is holy and can live only in a holy vessel, until this happens, you could only keep scratching your head, interpreting, guessing etc this in different ways.

  2. Isliye kahte hai, ek human being question gade ko poochna nahee..jawab kaise atte?? 🙂
    stupids, she didnt ask ek gade, ghoda se shadee kare to …aisa nahi poocha sheep minded sheep eaters..think two minutes before he say something..that answer is not at all relevant to the question..they are both human beings..not like one is human and other is alien..Akbar hindu ladkee ko shadee karke sare ke sare hinduon ko man jeet gaya aur sab se ki pahle uska beewe ka..think broad man..If a male and female love each other, irrespective of language, cast, religion, region, country…they will lead their life happily..I have many examples to show like that..listen any crap but god gave you a wonderful brain to think about it whether it is really true or how true it is??

  3. I think you are the one **. I just want to tell you one be a good person and also if you will give respect to others then definitely the world will salutes you . +legis doc

  4. Some of the commentators in this site made dreadful comments about Dr Z Naik and some religions. The expressions of our views on any issues should be respectably presentable, which will gain respect and credibilities for ourselves.

  5. Love is love, regardless of race, religion, cast, love should be unconditional and accepted as human dignity. Take the good thing from every religion, if you can not respect them don't disrespect for a better human world for a better tomorrow.

  6. Dr nail should realise god or allah does not say that one human being should not marry another human bein on the basis of religion. that is absolutely crap.a muslim marrying non Muslims or vice versa will go to hell is self created ideology by these so called people in the world.

  7. If you don't like this guy, why don't you people stop watching his videos?? You still watch his videos and then say that he is a liar, seriously? Haters gonna hate.

  8. Our job is only to convey the message there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger, don't prefer this short life over the eternity which is coming after death and eternity never ends so where would you like to spend that eternity in hell or heaven if you accept Islam there is heaven for you if not then prepare yourselves for the fire

  9. thank you for message. but why you cant accept the Truth One God All Human being is God Children. why you making dividing the People????
    if there God is one why they cant get marriage inter religious?
    if you explaining like this where is world Peace??
    Give me a answer??
    you all religious book was old leader they prepare for that time not for now. religious book like way not a destination .
    you know when your are children you wearing different cloth, young , old you using different cloth religion and holy book also same. you need to learn new truth( bible is a not New truth) and practice.
    thank you.

  10. God is great i believe this but the best way to live here on earth is being human from my view of perspection we should not hurt somones feelings which is the most wrong deeds and if we can make anyone happy especially who are in need is the best things we can ever do be happy, progress, help, support, u ll be the most happiest person in this world no one has seen the other side of death. god bless u all and this whole universe thank u

  11. Hindus are completely blinds & superstitious peoples, who will worship anything which can make them fear, Dog, Donkey, Pig, Rat, Cat, Crow, Monkey, Cow, Bear, Fish, Horse, Swan, zebra, Bull, Hyna, Sloth, Electric EEL, if you wanna learn about TOM, DICK & HERRY religion just go on youtube and watch Ramayan, Mahabharat, Brahma Vishnu Mahesh etc. etc. and you will hold your tummy with extreme laugh, how those mother fuckers gods killing each other and engaged in fighting for lust power and sex, Brahma considered creator in hinduism, and he raped her daughter saraswati and later married her daughter to which Narad was born, Vishnu raped Jhalandhar wife Ahilya, i have not seen a single hindu god who has not raped or killed, so how come these mother fuckers hindus claim to be peaceful, while there gods are worst than astray dogs, hindus cruelty can be seen in india on religious minorities or their own peoples Dalit untouchables, they are bastards and will remain bastards. FU**K hindu and save humanity

  12. चुतिया ज़ाकिर पूरी तरह से कुरान की गिरफ्त में है । इसको ये पता नही की सही किया है और गलत किया है । जो कुरान में लिख दिया गया है उसी को सही मानता है ।

  13. This guy is ignorant. I have seen so many videos of this guy, all he is talking about code of conduct which is different from one faith to another another. And hence any faith that teaches only code of conduct is a suppressing faith. It does not spiritual enlighten you. As long as he understands his Kuda is different from others , obviously faith is wrong , there is no question about it. I never seen islam talking about of Spirituality. Simple reason as long as you eat meat you can not attain Spiritual enlightenment. The very statement if you feel not justifiable it only says how much you love life forms other than humans and how strong is your taste of your tongue for meat. It is important to grow over this if you want to enlighten oneself spirituality. Islam is not just a faith it is more of fakism , so is every other faith that does not tell you how attain super consciousness. It is quite appalling to see so many minds blindly claps and chained into code of conduct. Any religion that chains one from thinking is creating a zombies. I see a lot here. It is more of funny to think there is GOD who is of human form. Why cant you guys think there can be GODLINESS and not GOD. If every one of you attain spiritual consciousness that itself is termed by these tribals as GOD. Understand the perspective and grow up. That way everyone can be GOD by the tribals perspective

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