BUGATTI CHIRON 2016/2017 FULL In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Hello and Welcome to Alaatin61! Here is Bugatti’s new Hypercar named Chiron! Only 500 will be build and 50 every year. It produces an immense 1500hp from the quad Turbocharged W16 engine. In today’s video, we’ll take an up close and in depth look at the New 2016 BUGATTI CHIRON.

BUGATTI Boutique & Showroom:

Bugatti opened a new location for luxury automobiles in Munich with a showroom and a lifestyle boutique.
Power, Speed and Luxury inform Bugatti’s new dashing capsule collection, inspired by the newly launched Chiron: the world’s most exclusive production super sports car.

Behind the showroom, we find the world of the Ettore Bugatti Collection, featuring elegance, the finest craftsmanship and exquisite design.

The Ettore Bugatti Collection includes two main lines: the EB Ettore Bugatti line and the Bugatti Performance line. In addition to these two lines, there is also a Tailor Made/Bespoke range exclusively for Bugatti customers.

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41 thoughts on “BUGATTI CHIRON 2016/2017 FULL In Depth Review Interior Exterior”

  1. Now that looks like a car worth it's price tag
    EDIT* definitely wouldn't pay 2.4 million, and the front headlights are starting to look like garbage

  2. it's nothing but ugly I personally hate the Bugatti and it's design I just can't stand people always saying it's the fastest slot of people are just butthurt that other car companies are out shinning it it's time to wake up and see the future and yes it's coming from an 6th grader

  3. the jackets steals the car the show… i would go for it and buy a la ferrari or 918spyder with the rest of the money instead of this overrated VW. 1400hp out of 8l quadrocharged engine isn't near as efficent. its even possible to get this power natural aspirated. you'll only need 1,5l 4 cylinders and 4,5 bar of one turbo to gain 1400hp. dont believe, search for mid 1980ties formula one cars with bmw engine.

  4. Love this car but other than Autobon …there's no place else on earth to drive this above 150/200 mph, if there is someone tell me.

  5. Yahu admin burada birazcık yorum yaptık, lâkin sen Alaattin 61 kuru bir teşekkürü bile etmedin, bazen türkçe tanıtım yaptığın için seni takip ediyorum, ama sen arabmışsin doğrumu admin

  6. Nice video.

    However, Bugatti has to use a 16-cylinder engine & 4 turbos to do 0 – 300 kph (i.e. 0 – 186 mph) in 13.6 seconds. A Hennessey Venom GT, for example, does the exact same 0 – 186 mph time with a 7 liter 8-cylinder engine with 1,244 horsepower & has a top speed of 270..49 mph (set on Feb. 14 2014).

    The Chiron is nice but the price is ridiculous & so is the 4,400 pound weight. There is nothing super about the price or the weight of this car. If I had $2.6+ million to blow on supercars I can think of other ones I'd rather have than just one Chiron.

    BTW, I wouldn't spend $1.4 million on a Hennessey Venom GT either.

  7. 6:01 this door opening sound is exactly same as my 2001 Volvo C70. I know its just a sound, but its 2.4 million € car, I expected something different lol Also how they let him sit in the car ? When I go to a mercedes or audi showroom they lock the doors of expensive models like sl63 amg or audi s6 etc.

  8. I might be very wrong but the interiors look boring. They surely dont want you to get distracted while driving at that speeds… But interiors could have been better.

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