45 thoughts on “Browns 2016 Season Tickets Promo”

  1. The Cleveland Browns organization is a dumbass Organization like the Miami Dolphins. They know they are not gonna win 12 ,13 games and make the playoff. They don't go crazy and throw a ton of money on big name free agents .

  2. The Orange Helmets have absolutely HEMORRHAGED talent the past two off-seasons. No question they'll end up 0-16, they have almost no talent on this roster, maybe 4-5 solid NFL players. The rest belong playing in the MAC Conference.

  3. I think us Browns fans gotta be the most loyal fans.. I mean it's much easier to be a Pats fan or Packers fan cuz they win alot… Plus I've found in the last 10 yrs there are alot of band wagon fans too.. So I wear my Browns gear proudly and when people stare at me like im an alien.. I just chuckle and tell them.. "loyalty is my greatest attribute .. This is who I am "

  4. I'd just like to the thank the Cleveland Browns for making Brian Hoyer available so that he could lead my Houston Texans to an inspiring 30-0 loss in the playoffs while throwing four interceptions and fumbling and posting the lowest QB rating in playoff history. Go Browns!!

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