Blue Cross – I Will Survive 70″ TV advert 2015

Hi, I’m Baxter! My last owner didn’t love me and I knew I just had to get outta there. At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without him by my side… Ahem, you know the rest.

That lot at Blue Cross are a really decent bunch. They took me in when I was on a bit of a sticky wicket, looked after me, and found me a fantastic family.

My new owners are amazing – they love me and we have a right laugh. But the ending isn’t as happy for all pets as it was for me. There are so many lonely pets who need your help.

Find out more about my story

And here’s a bit more about Blue Cross

Sick, injured and homeless pets have relied on us since 1897. Abandoned or unwanted, ill or injured, pets turn to us for help every year. Our doors are always open to them, and with your support, they always will be.


19 thoughts on “Blue Cross – I Will Survive 70″ TV advert 2015”

  1. yeah before we start thinking of inbred dogs don't you think we should raise money for abandoned and abused children! blue cross you're a disgrace to humanity, get your priorities straight!

  2. When I first saw this ad, I thought it was going to be another ad my mum would be crying over, but this is so heart warming and sweet, I wasn't expecting the turn around. A great advert

  3. Cried one second into this. It kills me to think that right now a dog or any other animal could be getting abused. Dogs Trust, Blue Cross etc are all amazing for doing this. I want to support them all I can. It tears me apart when I think about animal abuse.

  4. I really like what you are doing I have a grate love for animals and you guys will grant my wish of every animal will have a loving family thx blue cross

  5. I love this ad… but I generally don't like it when animal mouths are animated to move when they talk, it seems to gimmicky. Better let the voice come across like thought or telepathy.
    Great job though :)

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