Bloodmyth | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

Kings of Horror presents: Bloodmyth

In the 1990s the conflict in Yugoslavia was used as cover for a series of killings by a man working with private security companies but following his own agenda. Fascinated with ancient European human sacrifice, and in particular evidence gained from the so called bog bodies such as Tollund Man and Lindow Man, he was carrying out what he regarded as experimental archaeology. After all, what better way could there be of understanding the psychology of human sacrifice than spilling human blood yourself? Some years later, Juliet Corman, instructor for a survival training company run by TV personality Ray Morris, invites her sister Holly along to the first course in a new centre in woodland in Kent, not knowing that the killer has returned home, has read Ray’s press release, and is waiting for his newest batch of test subjects. When course members begin to die one by one Holly and Juliet are forced to face the killer themselves in a real fight for survival.

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5 thoughts on “Bloodmyth | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror”

  1. I… .I… .I'm trying to figure out WTF did I just see. By 30 minutes into this I wanted to bail out. Then by 50 minutes I started questioning my own IQ of why I stayed committed to this poorly F minus ➖ movie. I'm the fool, but I am certainly not alone, as of date 22 likes. Really? Stop playing, really? The movie sucked and now I missed by life for one hour and thirty-one minutes. Impressive, I really am a fool.

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