18 thoughts on “Big Chief unveils Crow 2.0 at PRI 2015! The Crowmod!!!”

  1. Those cars are not street cars! My car is my everyday driver and it has 500 hp! I drive it on the street everyday! It is a 75 nova and it's a street car bc I drive it everyday on the street! They don't drive those cars on the street and also they race on closed roads!

  2. Ah big chief, im not hating, but this new car of yours is alot narrower than the 1st. U are definitely goin to have a tougher time handling it in occasions of a wabble because its narrower so tank slapper will be more pronounced. I think u should ve used a c6 vette. alot wider, more planted easy to handle.

  3. Kye Kellys has a PRO MOD and the Reaper is a PRO MOD and they have more and more Pro Mods and its not Street racing anymore! We used to have a rule if you cant drive it there you cant race it there! Tagged Titled and Legal street cars! I love the Dung Beetle and especially the FARM TRUCK these are REAL STREET cars!!! Please keep it real!

  4. Its amazing how quick things advance. Kye has beat him quite a bit, now a young man they call the bird has whooped Kye. Who knows who will be the fastest in another year. Although I am a big Daddy Dave fan, and Chief is bad ass too, I don't think he will be able to stay up towards the top for too long before having to replace that engine and modify a bit more.

  5. I love these guys and the show but so much for a " street " car. if you can't drive your car around town at any given time then it aint a street car. these guys are very talented and smart but they are not true street racers anymore. what kind of street racer who just destroyed his car a little over a month ago can turn around and come back with a Pro Mod specialty built car that in no shape or form is street legal.

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