Biblical End Of Days (World Events Mar. 1-5 2016) End Times Signs HD

Make No Mistake!
I Will Not Compromise.
I Will Not Comply.
I Will Not Submit.
I Will Not Break.
I Will Not Roll Over.
I Will Not Sit Down.
I Will Not Shut Up.
I Will Not Go Quietly.
I Will Not Give Up.
I Will Not Surrender!
I Will Stand For Truth.
I Will Protect The Innocent.
I Will Sacrifice So That Others May Live Free.
I Will Defend My Family To The Death.
I Love Peace, But I Am A Fierce Enemy.
I Will Fight For Christ
I Will Die For Christ
I Live By A Special Code
I AM A SoulJa Of GOD!!
Whos With Me?

Jesus Christ is the only truth, in this world of lies.
Find him today, your not promised tomorrow.

Biblical End Of Days (World Events Mar. 1-5 2016) End Times Signs HD
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~SoulJa Of GOD


43 thoughts on “Biblical End Of Days (World Events Mar. 1-5 2016) End Times Signs HD”

  1. Man a few years from now history will repeat itself in Germany when another Hitler will rise to power and probably another genocide against musilims in europe.I'm not implying but is just an opinion.!!

  2. Do not be overwhelmed in these last hours brothers and sisters, this is our time to shine. Stand up for your God and help bring others to the kingdom before its too late. No matter how hard it gets, don't venture from the path that has got you this far! Revelation 3:11 – Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown.

  3. Stop making fucking sjitty videos just stop people are scared then and they see 'visuals' or 'dreams' of end of days and stufg because of these videos people freak out. And you watching this all the time, if u believe in god and chris you should know that only God knows the end, not even the son dont believe this, move on. If you want to be scared just go watch a horror film or something, thats not the way you do it.It can be depressing.

  4. This is so stupid!!!
    Why would you allow those
    people into . your country
    You.know ALOT of those Muslims coming into these
    countries!! This is being done on purpose! This is stupid!!

  5. we are always learning but never gaining wisdom. its so sad that we still such basic creatures and cant really rise to the occasion and love each other as we love our selves. look at us!!!! nuclear war on the horizon and for what??? over land? over money? over religion? over what Power??? over what differences? jesus help us all! in the end it will be as the days of noah…. nooo kidding… we are there!

  6. I just want to say one thing over here, please never ever fear God or the Almighty Christ… he is not angry or vengeful against us, but these end times are only a reminder that we need to throw away the old and have positive acceptance of a new beginning, where everything will be beautiful and magnificent once again, he only wants to remind us, and reminds us over and over again, that we all are his children, and parents can never be vengeful against their own children, and all the silly things that we do, does not suit truly suit us!!, and if one truly wants to realise God, then one doesn't needs to look somewhere else, but go within and make an effort to realise his/her soul, because the Almighty Christ resides in your heart and soul and nowhere else, and when you really start to connect with your soul, you truly realise that all the Gods and Perfect Masters and Godesses are truly one, Allah, Christ, Mother Mary, Ma Kaali, Ma Jagdamba, Lord Buddha, etc, are one and only one, they are just different forms of the same Great of the Greatest Ones, and God resides inside each and everyone and everything we see or feel, including us… we all are sinners in some way or the other, but that's not the real problem over here, but what lessons did we learn from being a sinner is what truly matters, Heaven and Hell, both are his and no one else's… And we all are as good and wise as our intentions, and nothing else truly matters… May the Almighty Christ and Holy Mother Mary bless us all… Amen!!…

  7. I am bored. How about I make up some shit like other stupid conspiracy theorists such as the fool who made this video and the idiots in the comment section? Alright.
    There is going to be a planet hurtling towards earth, it will have been thrown from god mighty hands that he did NOT use to fap with to all the suffering going on in his world. This planet will wipe out everyone BUT the crack-head conspiracy theorists (like me) because they know the truth and will escape earth in the event in a spaceship that they're building. Any TRUE believer in god will go to heaven and all non-christians will burn for all eternity because SATAN!!111 THIS IS GODS WAY!!!!11
    (sorry about that, my inner retard just went to full for a moment)
    Anyway. Retardus with rise and.. Oh, wait.. Wrong passage.
    Screw it, I am bored of this nonsense…

  8. Also, can I have some anti-close mindedness? I need it because sometimes the bullshit of the majority religion overcomes me at times and takes control of my mind. Seriously though, what makes the christian god the right one? What makes any god the right one!? Please, if you are a mindless idiot and are going to reply/rage to me then reply/rage to me without fucking caps turned on. Thank you.

  9. Welcome Back Moises Elias Jesus

    Peace of The World
    From the Beginning of Genesis
    Isaac and Ishmael
    or Israel and Islamic
    are friends and brothers
    with Abraham,
    Everyone on Earth, and sisters
    From the only GOD
    You stopped,
    and return to God
    We All Are Called to
    Mount Zion,
    Countless where
    Everyone's body is God
    so that the stop me dead
    his body now you have read this
    after learning should be afraid of God,
    You do not kill are responsible to God
    you start off Angels
    Indeed, a danger of hell,
    only God "
    Lord Jesus
    Moses Elias Jesus
    Gabriel, Migeul
    Rafael Abaddon
    7 God's Spirit
    Everything is True
    in power
    the Supreme God
    He stops himself, a man
    silent! but
    He infuriated the Liar
    and Twister,
    He was angry because the Fire
    Until gut All
    Because I can not Hear
    Well his message
    communicated Angels
    by his
    and comes to your
    Mid unrecognized
    You will be ready Judgment
    Not yet prevent the chin
    time for the rebellious,
    Di attentive,
    time is counted
    for evil
    you mercy, compassion
    For topple
    Wrath of God of Life
    and you the creeps Kila
    thrown into the fire of hell
    Everything is true, as set
    were taking place
    without written in prophecy
    not to perform, all
    is fulfilled
    The end is coming
    True God is the
    know and see
    ipapadama it all
    when you heard the voice
    God, do not ALREADY
    harden head
    with the amount of suffering
    Do not you stop?
    when are you going to surrender?
    While Puma drops every hour
    Especially you suffer
    your bodies
    kailngan so that we can easily
    We assemble and return
    it's real!
    do not be scared to death
    You should fear God
    Life, capable
    Kill the soul on fire
    Gave a sign that God
    the volcano, spouting
    sulfur, ie the sign of hell
    Do not you have tataka?
    Before you despise hell
    know the meaning
    build in your body,
    You can not view your saw isaw
    hands begun stuffy oil
    You will not be able to stand by
    a piece of candle
    I try to manually move the Index finger
    within one minute
    when you cross
    You call all your friends
    brothers and sisters, all of you know
    issue a sense that you're ready for
    throw into the fire of hell,
    I will never die
    and while you're living there suffer
    Not if you can not afford
    Bypass the flame of a candle
    do not fear God
    He is willing to forgive is compassionate
    no matter what your sin,
    Put simply his command
    love your God,
    with all your heart, all kaluluwamo
    all your mind and with all your strength
    It is the second most important commandment
    love your neighbor as
    you love yourself,
    the attached work and commitment
    to imprint the name of God
    in your heart,
    and his words
    bear in mind
    and do not miss more,
    Surely God will be with you,
    Booklet those who rebel
    I know why you
    nan-lalait, fond embarrass people,
    re-coyly in front of audience
    and thrilled about you,
    Because you did
    Monster face so you
    Because you've killed
    Very nature-because all
    Your will be done
    experienced that before
    of people,
    you are dead,
    kill yourself
    We do not fool physical
    but inspiritual life
    then you are in the World of the Dead
    Because without God life
    in your heart,
    You do not appreciate
    his words and love
    accept his mandate
    and he thought the king in your life
    you were awake and alive
    and you're ready to return to
    The presence of our God, in his
    Why are you able to perceive pain
    you people, in fact asleep
    in the presence of the God
    but do not pina attention?
    do not want to hear of him?
    heard that, not
    Starting TRUMPET
    in Panggasinan
    the Holy and Mighty
    Angel of God,
    sibabaan did that,
    to judge the fool,
    the Whole Earth is covered
    of the Most High God!
    If Fierce and cruel Leon
    farm was easy to him,
    and the snake in one direction only
    Take him out!
    immediately it creeps
    Fearing God
    He would never hear the Voice of God
    because he is shy sin sinner
    you so, you may think
    God's grace that on you
    Prepared to the Table
    The strucktura china
    Eva China was Adam Si U.S.A
    and the children are
    turned around here
    all signs from the beginning
    The wickedness of humanity
    then the time of noah
    Renaissance times, indeed
    All of Scripture
    all those people na
    is comparable to the time of noah
    Even the sign on
    A woman clothed with the sun
    and the odd sign of the Dragon
    an awe inspiring
    But big mouth of China
    india its so small liitle
    Truth all evidence the world
    is come here in the philippines
    after the sound of trumpeth to
    panggasinan, because
    all the world,
    Prepair the Biggest WAR ZONE on the Earth
    The Biggest of High Power Bomb. automic Bomb
    Nuclear, the suttelite missile,
    All around the world it's Beggin
    The Judea is already wait for us
    Because the kings and Master are Here!
    You do not know, because you are Blind
    You like Dead,
    Here the Prince from 12 Tribes of Ishmael
    They prepared of God,
    Great for the day,
    Prepared as the Race of Israel
    Siblings belong Abraham
    Different mothers,
    Isaac son of Sarai
    son of the slave Hagar
    Two prepared Race, Final Version
    for this period,
    to reconcile all nations
    and will be a great country,
    Ismael – islamic
    isaac – son of Jacob Israel
    Luz – Bethel Luzon – Lu Zion / Bethel is Place of God
    Isaiah – Visayas – isayas
    Daniel or Dan – Mindanao – Min DAN ao
    3 branches flowing into the Tigris
    3 branches Philippines Luzon Visayas and Mindanao
    Head to the Land of the Philippines Tagos
    Israel, both beach
    You have to tread water Vasquez
    revenue upside to yourself
    That the Philippines and Israel
    The Holy Place is West Philippine Sea
    Affected is the Most Holy Place
    strucktura in the south China Sea Center
    whereon palatial tent – Gold kingdom
    under the tagos Holy Mountain,
    True Picture of Eden under the ocean fine
    but this reflection True Paradise of Eden
    from the Holy of Holies in Zion
    The Philippines is open country, Friendly
    Here is all the mystery, because the God
    But God says; South Africa and all country
    Go Back the Israel (Secret Gate)
    You are Enter,
    Because God is with me, to be the Grand
    Shepherd, his angels in my
    eyes, blue sapphire Arcanghel Gabriel
    and Archanghel Miguel is a Flame Red
    The power of Jesus, God is in my heart
    and you may be

    Israel – Nakipag-tipan sa Diyos
    Ismael – Nakikinig ang Diyos
    Iisang Panginoon – Iisang Diyos Jesus

    Iisang Bagong Daigdig – Hari at Diyos ng Pag-ibig, kapayapaan Jesus

    .Israel – Contact covenant with God
    Ishmael – God hears
    One God – One God Jesus
    One New World – King and God of Love, peace Jesus

    Babalik na kami sa iyong piling
    We are returning to your choice

  10. There was a spider on my wall, I asked it, when will the end times be.It responded," Do you KNOW your beginning, that you would fear your end? For if one stands in the beginning, he shall know his end & fear not but live eternal. "

  11. 75 billion / 4.6 billion = 16,304,000,000
    16,304,000,000 – 7.4 billion = 8,904,000,000
    84 + 12 = 96
    96 – 52 = 44
    44 x 55,600 = 2446400
    2 + 4 = 6
    4 + 6 = 10
    6 + 10 = 16
    400 / 16 = 25
    DATE OF DOOM = 6/10/25

  12. The UK has given 886 million(in one year) to out of work EU migrants? Is Iain Duncan Smith, taking the piss? people who are really really sick and unable to work, go through hell just to get any benefits, then when they do, they are made to feel like scum for claiming.

    We are told by the UK government, we must cut the benefit bill( what they mean is, take the benefits away from the people who need it the most, the sick and the elderly) because we can't afford it.

    So for the love of God, can someone please explain, how the hell. did we find 886 million to give to these people, when housing benefits are getting cut, disability benefits getting cut, family tax credit getting cut.

    Maybe they are cutting all these benefits, so that they can give the money to these people.

    Iain Duncan smith, you should be a fucking shamed of yourself, you call yourself a christian. Well charity starts at home.

    He should be making sure that the British people(those who are sick and disabled, get the help that they really need.

    The elderly, should get totally looked after, they worked hard to build the UK.

    Support for the families who are not earning enough each month.( low wage jobs, or who are on zero hour contract)

    Stop taking the British tax payers money, and giving it away to people, who have not worked nor contributed to the country, in any way.

    This bullshit is why these people don't want to go to any other E U countries.

    They want to come to Britain, because we like assholes, are going to give them, free housing, free money, free healthcare, and once they get all of that, they will bring in their families.

    George Soros and his friends caused this problem, so why the hell don't he take them ?

    I'm not saying, not to help these people, but help them for a period of time, then send them home.

  13. عاجل المسيح ألدجال علىَ أبواب الخروج
    د.نبيل العوضي نحن في أيام المسيح الدجال.
    ارجوووووكم اقرووه للنهاية للفائدة ……

    إفغانستان باكستان العراق تونس، مصر، اليمن، ليبيا لبنآن و الآن سوريآ ! إنها العلامه .. العرب لا يجدون من يحكمهم وسقوط 7 من أمرآء الدول :
    ١- سقط حكم صدام حسين (العراق)
    ٢- ومات مقتولا الحريري (لبنان)
    ٣- تنازل عن الحكم حسني مبارك (مصر)
    ٤- وهرب عن الحكم بسبب نداءت وتضيق أهل تونس علية زين العابدين(تونس )
    ٥- وخرج من اليمن رئيسه علي صالح مطروداً
    ٦- ومقتل القذافي (ليبيا )
    ٧- ومين السآبع «بشار الأسد »
    والآن العديد من المجازر والقتلى في سوريآ
    ومن العلامات أيضاَكثرة الهرج بمعنى يكثر القتل بينما لايعرف القاتل فيما قتل وﻻ المقتول فيما قتل !
    وهذا اللي نشوفة بسوريا واليمن وليبيا وبعض الدول العربية فيظهر المهدي ليقودهم!

    إذا بدأت العلامات الكبرى أبواب التوبه تغلق
    ماتدري آْنٺ يمكن أن تكون سبب في هداية وتوبة شاب أو فتاة فيرحمك الله :
    1- أولاد يعشقوون بعض !
    2- بنات يعشقن بعض وأكبر مثال مايحدث في مدارسنا!

    قال الخبراء أن زلزال اليابان سينتج عنه ظهورجزيرة جديدة.
    لونتذكر أن الرسول ذكر أن الدجال مسجون في جزيرة بإتجاه الغرب من الجزيرة العربية ، واليابان ستكون أول من ترى هذه الجزيرة في العالم . كما أن هناك معلومة قدلايعلمها الكل :
    وقد ذكرت في كتاب نهاية العالم للشيخ محمدالعريفي : أن السنة التي ستسبق ظهورالمهدي للعالم سيحدث كسوف للشمس وخسوف للقمر في نفس السنة ، وفعلا حدث كلا منهما في نفس السنة مرتين ! وهذه الظاهرة حدثت لأول مرة في العالم . الغرب يقولون بأن 2012 هو نهاية العالم ، لكن من يدري قد يكون 2012 هو بداية ظهورالعلامات الكبرى وبالتالي بداية نهايةالعالم إنه إنذار من اللَّـَـَـَـْـْہ لإيقاظ المسلمين فلنجعل الصلاة أهم شئ في حياتنا.
    ارجوك يالغالي لا تقفلها إلا وأنت مرسلها ممكن تكون سبب توبة مسلم !!
    استغفرو الله ..لا إله إلا الله
    كلام خطير جداً
    ٣٠ ثانية فقط لقرائته
    أول مرة تقراها بحياتك

    ثلاثة وديَّان في جهنم
    احذروا منها وهي :-
    ١-وادي غَّي .
    ٢-وادي وَّيل .
    ٣-وادي سقر.

    إليكم تفصيلها:

    ١- وادي غي :وهي لمن يجمع الصلوات في صلاة واحدة ، قال تعالى [ فخلفهم من بعدهم خلف أضاعوا الصلوات واتبعوا الشهوات فسوف يلقون غياً ] ..
    وهذا الوادي " وادي الغي " تستعيذ
    منه جهنم كل يوم من شدة حرا

    translated to english:

    Urgent Antichrist on exit doors Dr. Nabil Awadi we days the Antichrist.
    Argoooookm read to the end. …

    Afghanistan Pakistan Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Syria Lebanon Libya now! It's mark. Arabs cannot find who governs and fall of 7 Princes States: 1. the fallen Saddam Hussein (Iraq) 2-Matt murdered Hariri (Lebanon) 3-waiver provision Hosni Mubarak (Egypt) 4-fled from power because of نداءت and stenosis AHL thus Tunisia Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (Tunisia) 5-out Yemen President Ali Saleh disqualified 6. killing Qaddafi (Libya) 7-min VII «Bashar Al-Assad and now many slaughterhouses and dead in Syria and tags aydakthrh hoopla meaning frequently murder while knows the killer with the murder of slain not as Kill!
    This look at it by Syria and saree Yemen and Libya and some Arabic States Al-Mahdi appears to lead them!

    If the major labels began to repent matdry انٺ closed doors could be due in guidance and a young girl or repentance, God bless you: 1. the children of some yashkoon!
    2. girls top accessory and the greatest example of what is happening in our schools!

    Experts said the earthquake in Japan would result in new zhorgserh.
    Lontzekr that the Messenger said that the Antichrist is imprisoned on an Island West of the island Arabic, Japan will be the first to see this island in the world. There is also information kdlaialmha all: I mentioned in the book of the Apocalypse of Sheikh mhamdalarivi: the year that preceding the rise the presented world happens Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse of the Moon in the same year, actually happened both in the same year twice! This phenomenon occurred for the first time in the world. The West say that 2012 is the end of the world, but who knows it might be 2012 is the beginning of the great zhoralalamat and thus the beginning of ending the world that alarm to awaken Muslims اللہ let prayer the most important thing in our lives.
    Please, don't lock them not ya lghaly you have enabled sender because repentance is Muslim!
    Astghafro God. There is no God but Allah, a very serious talk only 30 seconds to read first time read your three valleys in hell, beware of them are:-1-Valley guy.
    2. Valley of woe.
    3. the saqar (hell) because.

    You outlined: 1. Guy: to collect prayers in one prayer, Allaah [behind them behind lost prayers and follow the desires will throw GIA].
    This Valley "the Valley of the cancelled" seek the protection of him hell every day from free

  14. Read Daniel 12:11 [written in 604 BC]
    1290 "days" + 604 BC = 687 AD / 1335 "days" + 687 AD = 2022 AD
    1 day = 1 year [2016 is the start of the final 7 Years before Jesus Christ arrives according to Daniel ].
    Its time for the Anti-Christ (whoever he is) to reveal himself now for he has but a short time left !!
    Note: In 604 BC Jews were exiled to Babylon (Regular Daily Sacrifice taken away).
    In 687 AD the Temple Dome was built (Abomination standing where it ought not).
    2022 AD Jesus Christ arrives (Blessed is he who waits though we do not know the exact day or hour ..
    “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.” 1 Thessalonians 5:4
    Daniel 12:7 …. as soon as they (Vatican) finish shattering the power of the holy people (Christians), all these events will be completed

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