41 thoughts on “Beyonce’s Pregnant 2017 Full Grammys Performance”

  1. all of you are so crazy , you do realize this is just holograms right? you I don't even know who this Chick is and am not really into pop I am more of a James Brown person ,but I have to admit this is the best performance I have seen and I give her more respect cus she is pregnant with twins ,so I heard. but you guys are crazy you are so quick too use god or Jesus and say this is demonic .WELL if you don't like it why watch it in the first place , like I hate heavymetal but I don't go and insult it cus it not my taste I just respect it ,and so should you all. especially all you so called Christian that act like you are more precious in the eyes of god well you are NOT god loves all and he created all. so all I see is people in fear and because they don't understand something or don't personally get something they fear it and say its evil so what to so called Christian do? they curse and insult and they talk about how god have save them to make themself feel better which too me is cheap .PLEASE if you don't like something you don't understand don't judge especially if you don't here it from he's/her mouth if you can't control your mouth from cursing walk away and do something meaningful with your LIFE instead of judging

  2. oh, please. She's not here to represent "art". Fools like you believe that. You've worshipped her long enough, so she came up with this idea so you dumbfounded idiots have an even bigger reason to treat her like a "Goddess". LMFAO. Goddess of deception, maybe. Did you ever learn about Greek Mythology? What about REAL royalty? Royalty is Prince William, Kate Middleton, etc. Your definitions are fucked up, my friends. You do realize she's not the only woman on this earth that can sing?? You realize she's not the only woman of this earth to be pregnant with twins?? Sitting in a mechanically tilted chair says WHAT about her "talent"? She's shit, she's a corporate puppet who's songs are written by focus groups and teams of producers. Mad overrated woman and you all are feeding her like she's an infant. Chart trash. (Complain all you want, but let's stick to the facts, not feelings. I don't need to hear it, LIBS.)

  3. These Satanic comments are triggering.Nobody cares what you and your religion cares about go frantic with your family not the whole internet.I'm not even calling out a religion but honestly I would rather scrolling down to gossip other to hear a bunch of grown people act this frantic over her performances. NEWS FLASH:Let her keep doing these type of introductions and don't even watch it. Like,dang nobody cares if you don't like it.

  4. She basically tried to recreate the last supper and have herself as god. I will not worship her like others do. She is not my god. She literally thinks to highly of herself.

  5. The beginning creeped me out, heck the whole thing creeped me out. Everyone's saying she's representing African goddesses but it's still a little ominous, ritual like.


  7. shes so whack, the next day they came up with the beyonce vs adele, and why adele won more grammy', well if you look a this performance this is why she didnt win so many!! lmfao adele deserves all of her grammys

  8. shes such a satanist, like its holy scary, alot of artist are part of the illuminati, can you see that some artist/celebrities go MIA, it all ties back to illuminati and their underground worshipping chipped brains

  9. Beyonce is not channeling the Virgin Mary. She is channeling the African Goddess Oshun of the Yourba tribes gods and goddesses called the Orishas. Black people youtube and google Oshun. Beyonce seems to know something of African spirituality. Oshun is the goddess of love and she represents water. Remember the Lemonade video with Beyonce walking out the door in the same color dress as Oshun with water rushing out. Look up the Oshun story and you will understand.
    Oshun also the mother of the sacred twins Ibeji.

  10. NEGATIVITY and all she will still get that money. I LOVE THE FACT THAT THE POWER COUPLE STILL REMAINS, through adversity and pain they still was the highlight of the show. THAT MUCH IS EVIDENT. Not to be all about the Carter's but their actions speak for themselves THEY CAN"T BE BEAT!!!!!! #salute the black relationships

  11. The way Bey performs here was kinda scaring to me despite her condition, i dn't know what people gonna say about Bey pregnancy this time,now that her baby bump is on full display.Or is this one fake again like Blue ivy's…?

  12. I am not a huge fan of hers eventhough I do like some of her songs and I think she's a very talented performer. but I gotta say, that I am shocked of so many dumb people commenting on here brainwashed to the max and just plain fucking stupid. what's all this god demons Satan shit acting like her performance is the end of the world yall can still go through your day perfectly fine after seeing this performance people take everything way too serious these days lawd

  13. what I do not understand is that she is a mother…and has two more coming and she still dresses the way she does ! and people wanted to hear her  sing not spend forever talking

  14. Why are people so mean and judgemental Whose really the Devils while they are accusing her of being one my guess is you all must know her personally to talk so foul about her ijs.

  15. So insensitive toward all the women that are unable to get pregnant. Her comments in interviews after she had the first child were soo slanted, self centered & completely unsympathetic to a large population of women that will never be able to conceive. Going on & on about knowing that she was " Never a Real Woman until creating life" The whole Grammy performance was Ridiculous. I hated it.

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