30 thoughts on “Best & Worst Dressed Oscars 2017”

  1. Honestly I wasn't feeling Hailee's dress but it was better than Emma's. Idek what Dakota was wearing. It was mediocre and old. Taraji had a simple dress but she fucking slayed! Emma Roberts, Janelle Monet, and Brie Larson looked amazing too! I can't believe Erin didn't know or hadn't heard of Downton Abbey tho lol

  2. Dakota Johnson looked like a queen and she rocked the red carpet. She did look better in that black dress but I still think she looks fabulous in anything.. <3

  3. You know what the first one looked like an old woman couch and the one with Emma Stone was gorgeous, learn about fashion newbs( and yes I know how to spell, but I'm from the 20th century so yeah!)

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