BEST SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS 2015 by JoeySalads – Child Abduction – Racism – Homeless – Gold Digger – Kidnapping children
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48 thoughts on “BEST SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS 2015 by JoeySalads”

  1. I think the way the boyfriend or husband agrees to sell their girlfriends and wives, respectively, is most problematic. As if they are in control of that kind of decision. If the woman chose to demean herself in that way, her decision would at least be valid in the sense that she chose it, but for some pretentious douche to think he somehow has the power to hand his partner over is absurd. The easygoing way these women seem to take this manipulation is just as horrifying.

  2. lol @ you don't Leave the front yard. American children are being pussified for generations now, I blame the suburban lifestyle. no one's going to rape you ugly kids

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