Best Phones To Buy At Any Budget Late 2016/Early 2017!

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Author : Kevin The Tech Ninja
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25 thoughts on “Best Phones To Buy At Any Budget Late 2016/Early 2017!”

  1. i am special, trying to get a new phone off of apple since i keep having charge port problems with all my iphones. looking to get the google pixel xl since seems unbeatable.
    you seem like that be a good recommendation right?

  2. im so sad moto x pure didn't live its hype. i got it late, about 5 months ago and its having alot of problems. camera wont start. Bluetooth wont work without forced stop. randomly it decides to crash and restart, sometimes the bootup animations will get frozen taking 3 minutes. speakerphone calls other than stock, only use bottom speaker. screen scratches extreamly easy. battery life is not good for me (thank goodness for turbocharge). gallery will show all pictures as grey. gets hot with heavy use or with turbocharge.
    it has its ups and alot of downs, i had a chance for the moto z, but i chose to stay with the roots. my mistake.

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