BEST OF VIN DIESEL – Best of Funhaus February 2016

Edited by CaptainPajamaPants
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Look, we get it. You’re all busy people. You got stuff to do. Errands to run. Games to play. Liquor to drink. You don’t have time to watch every single one of our videos (even though let’s be honest you should).

So Our Close and Personal Friend CaptainPajamaPants put together this lil’ Best Of Video for February, for all you lazy types who can’t be bothered to sign into YouTube and WATCH OUR ACTUAL VIDEOS WE WORK SO HARD TO PLEASE YOU WITH, DAD.

What? Sorry. No idea what happened there.

Anyway, enjoy!

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24 thoughts on “BEST OF VIN DIESEL – Best of Funhaus February 2016”

  1. Spooles impression of Adam actually almost killed me. I was downing a whole can of Rockstar Guava, and I ended up pulling it into my lungs and then shotgunning it out of my nose and mouth. Almost blacked out.

  2. rumor has it spool left because he couldn't handle the la lifestyle all the beautiful lades that would be laying around his apartment. He was living a lie going to clubs do lines of blow with rich Persians, popping bottles with rappers making it rain. Every where he went there was camera, one night leaving a strip club he lost it shitting on lambos, chasing people with a bat down hollywood and sunset, it was all to much for him. He would wake up every morning wondering what this monster he has become. He missed his simple life smoking pot and live streaming.

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