BEST OF Game Grumps – June 2015

June. Best of. June. It’s the. Best.
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Thanks to Drej9 for compiling these clips!

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19 thoughts on “BEST OF Game Grumps – June 2015”

  1. I'd just like to point out regarding the last clip…
    "Of course I want it toasted. Everyone wants flat-bread toasted. It would be weird not to toast it".
    (Shortly after) "Hey, don't judge me for my weird sandwich preferences. I don't care what you see often."
    C'mon, Arin. Really?

  2. maybe cause i used to work at a subway but i think or hope Arin is joking, if not he is making waaaay to complicated. Also is policy to make the person repeat what they want 2 time to insure no fuq ups

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