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Best Motorcycle Fail Compilation 2015
This crash videos are educational only. It is our goal to try to reduce these types of crashes that are most likely to cause serious deaths. We want people to be careful on the roads, and do not drive fast. If not, watch the video…

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Motorcycle Crashes Compilation 2015 Motorbike Fails and Wins.

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18 thoughts on “BEST MOTORCYCLE FAILS Compilation 2015”

  1. Love watching crotch rocket idiots bite it!!!
    Once a guy was flying by me on the interstate, weaving through traffic, was well over 100mph. A few miles ahead I saw an accident and knew it was him. His was moving and alive but his arm was laying about 10 feet away and his foot was missing. As I drove past him I yelled, "bet you regret that don't you dumbass". Turns out, a guy I work with knew the guy. He said when they took his helmet off his eyes were out of his head. It took over a year to get out of the hospital. He was paralyzed waste down, no arm, no foot, no eyes. A few months after he got out of the hospital he drown himself in his bathtub.

  2. you feel So cool at first. so free. just another day on your wonderful rocket…then all of the sudden, BAM! either the person was jealous, racist, crazy or just plain stupid, but they got you. hurt your pride, ruined your bike and probably fractured a few of your bones. we riders share the roads with you cagers just like pedestrians. it should be legal to shoot wreckless drivers! because their tiny mistake costs other ppl their lives. either a life a pain management day 4 day, or worse, no life at all. I say shoot wreckless cagers! deal with the consequences later. those "watch for motorcycles" stickers aint changing shit. shoot em!

  3. 98% of the motorcyclists in this video are complete idiots. There were like 2 people that had nothing to do with the accident. From what it looks like one of the first videos the accident was cause by both people running a red light at the same time.

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