Best Highlights From the 2017 NBA Playoffs | 1st Round

Relive the memorable highlights from the 1st Round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs!

by NBA

A video for every sports enthusiast out there! Whether you’re a “motorhead” or more of a traditional sports fan, such as football and rugby, you can find what you’re looking for with a great number of sports videos being uploaded on a daily basis! This video has received 2881 likes. Why not do some crunches or squats while watching it?

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44 thoughts on “Best Highlights From the 2017 NBA Playoffs | 1st Round”

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  2. Question??? Why is it that there is No Outrage over the diversity of basketball?? Now that we have to take down statues of white people, why is it that basketball can have all black teams? If this were an all white team, it would be refer to as the KKK Sport, or White Supremacist Sport.

  3. How can you argue that John Wall isn't all-nba??? You see this dudes highlights. Remember that game 6 vs Boston in the Verizon center when he won the game with a 3. On a play that was supposed to go to brad Beal.

  4. Highlights of the highlights:

    0:29 Durrant illustrates why a rule against carrying even exists
    2:54 Wall's stare-down for the jersey grab during his dunk
    3:12 Westbrook never looks at his teammates
    3:50 announcers praise CP while Jazz players are all standing around
    4:10 Bucks also standing around on defense
    4:36 CP "broke ankles" and "put the sauce on him"
    5:57 Lillard drops Draymond to the floor
    6:19 Volleyball spike from Antetokounmpo from behind
    6:25 Close-up of how to spell Antetokounmpo
    6:46 Antetokounmpo has insanely long arms (both dunks)
    7:13 CP draws the foul in the act instead of the moving screen on DeAndre Jordan
    7:24 CP draws the foul in the act instead of the moving screen on DeAndre Jordan
    7:37 Danny Green wants a moving screen call but Marc Gasol actually had pretty established position
    8:10 Dwight Howard OMG
    8:148:15 slo-mo on that reaction from the Wizards assistant coach Tony Brown
    9:00 Dwight Howards block is so nasty the crowd doesn't cheer, they groan "OHHHH"
    9:20 try throwing an elbow at your defender, that doesn't work, so instead just throw it away
    10:31 LeBron gets poked in the head
    11:18 Man-bun Muscala gets dunked on while his teammate stands around in the middle of the key
    11:37 DeRozan's shake and then reverse, actually quite good with the left hand
    12:25 Joe Johnson gets the Jazz a playoff win and everyone is dumbfounded

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