Best GIRL Fails of January 2017 | Funny Fail Compilation

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Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest GIRL FAILS of January 2017. Including stupid drunk girl, hot girls getting owned, home video bloopers, hover …


20 thoughts on “Best GIRL Fails of January 2017 | Funny Fail Compilation”

  1. 1; 38 girl did not evan say sorry to the dog or go to the vet to check if the dog was ingured and she worried about her fucking cartweel not the dog or atleast hug the dog and say sorry. if i was the dog i would bite her in to pieses and i would only put the vagina in her grave because who the fuck wants her vagaina and she clearly saw the dog rite in front of her ass so wy did t she put himin a safe plase not up her ass. SUCH a BITCH

  2. Disgusted that the girl shoved her dog, then proceeded to do a cartwheel, smacking the dog with her legs, when she could clearly see it was going tk be in the way, then blamed the dog. Doesnt deserve to have a pet.

  3. lol I looked in the comments and everyone is talking about the dog! That girl was really stupid to not put him far enough from where she was going to 'cartwheel'. she even laughed and said "I knew it!" Like, if you knew that would happen why the fuck would you not put him far enough so he didn't get hurt? My heart melted when I heard him yelp like that 🙁

  4. What is wrong with that girl. First off she pushes the dog out of her way. RUDE. Second she does a horrible cartwheel like she's impressing someone or what but it was bad af. And third when she hits the dog she blames him or her. IT WAS HER FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE

  5. At 1:36 I want to jump into my phone and beat the hell out of that alien looking gurl and all that bitch said was "I knew it!" Like bitch check on your dog and also don't push that dog it was just laying down

  6. As soon as I saw the girl at 1:37 I had to take a rage break cause of the way she hurt her fucking dog and I immediately scrolled to the comments to see what awful things were being said about her. I was not disappointed.

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