Ben Affleck talking about Kevin Smith 2017

Ben Affleck talks to Ali Plumb about Kevin Smith movies.

by monkeywaster

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32 thoughts on “Ben Affleck talking about Kevin Smith 2017”

  1. Guys, friendship is all nice and such but in Hollywood people tend to mingle into their own league, ben is now A league while kevin is in D. He's talented and creative guy but his films are just to erratic and very much hit or miss and business doesn't like risk.

  2. Would be cool to see them do something together again because I know even Matt Damon said himself that Kevin helped make Good Will Hunting possible by passing the script along to Harvey at Mirimax. Obviously it was a great script and movie but Kevin passing it along got them in the door which is the most important part sometimes.

  3. Kevin Smith should team with the people who make The Flash and Wonder Woman shows, and write a script with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon for the next Batman movie where Damon is the Red Hood and they fight each other the whole movie. Damon looks a little younger is a believable Jason Todd.

  4. one turned out to be batman and direct his own extremely good and successful movies and become really fucking rich and the other started a YouTube channel

  5. honestly guys stfu. theres many people i dont talk to anymore… i still think of them and dont hate them, i just have other things to do. and if he does have disdain for kevin hes hiding it well. he seems ashamed more than anything.

  6. Regardless of how they feel behind closed doors they are nice enough about each other. Smith to this day says Affleck is a fantastic actor (could be the shark in jaws). The one thing Kevin said the entire time they were making batman v superman was Affleck should have a voice modulator. He was right

  7. People say Ben and Kevin have just grown apart, and that might be true. But I don't understand why they wouldn't continue a professional relationship of some kind. Especially given how enthusiastic Kevin is for anything comics, Ben could have used that to his advantage.

  8. From a few of the podcasts. The impression I got is that Ben's wife around the time they stopped talking didn't like Kevin. Claimed that Kevin would make fun of Affleck all the time and "demean" him. I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin said some shit about his wife and that ended their friendship. Which I believe they're now divorced. So maybe it is time to reconcile friendship? Nevermind the movie stuff. A friend is worth way more.

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