Before Your EYES! [UFO TURNS USO] Caught On Video! UFO Expert Explains! 2015

What Was Captured By Gary? Green Flying Diamond Shaped UFO Glides then Suddenly TURNS in to an USO! Underwater Submerged Object!! Text Sent as Follows from Gary~
It has been my intention to never release this video for fear of being ridiculed, but I think that it is time to share it with you. I will make you aware that I did send It to secureteam10 but never heard back, so I am sharing it with you. Please see the following reply I had when I originally sent the video to BUFORA, a year or so ago. They told me that it was a flare parachute which is beyond ridiculous. My friends have been at me to post this for a long time and so here it is. You will clearly see that it is controlled and is similar to others seen in South America. It approaches the water at an angle and straightens up before entering the sea. When slowed down you will see that the UFO fires something into the sea before landing”

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20 thoughts on “Before Your EYES! [UFO TURNS USO] Caught On Video! UFO Expert Explains! 2015”

  1. warning people thirdphaseofmoon is a complete farce don't watch or support this group at all these two brothers are absolute liars and also are actors check the internet to verify for yourselves people like these guys make it very hard for serious research of the phenomenon

  2. this chanel is the worse of the worst, really ppl, dont support this shit! It only makes ppl who seen and captured ufos or who believe in their presence look like total fools

  3. Doesn't even go under the sea? It's vanished as you can see if you from for farm it…. Or it would make a riffle or O-Ring in the water from touching it… From for farm looks like it gets fuzzy then next frame gone.

  4. That is a diamond shaped balloon weighted so it will stay at sea level so it wont float away you can buy them online It was shot are it had a small timed explosive on it but if you look close you can see it pop

  5. There is no evidence the object is controlled. It appears to be a slowly deflating device/ballon. It very well could have been a parashute. It's no coincidence the video is low-quality and shakey.

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