30 thoughts on “Baywatch Trailer #2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Priyanka Chopra HD”

  1. Nobody hates nor should hate anybody until they prove Evil. I think she's nice enough but toooo overrated and no talent whatsoever. The folks that comment and rave about her are mostly indians, and someone from the "camp" oh yeah they have those sorta camps, but surely you know we're outnumbered at least by a billion or so, and so no big deal! ;))

  2. I feel really bad for priyanka chopra. She is an incredibly good actress and she is representing india and Indians in the Hollywood film industry like irrfan Khan he was originally a Bollywood actor still is but he is commanding Both of them like a legend.

  3. Dude Priyanka Chopra has indian accent , trying hands on american accent and she is giving her best.I would rather judge her by her acting talent then how she speaks , it's a different thing that she does speak and act outstandingly well too!!
    Dear Haters , F*** O**!! :D

  4. I again say it. It' reflects very poorly on Indians or people of indian ethnicity to purposely troll an indian actress who is rising because of her hard work. Making pointed false statements repeatedly, gives the impression to outsiders that Indians are a very disunited lot, unable to bear the success of their own kind in the wide world. As such, i can understand why India is still trying to find it's place in the world, while China has surged ahead. Do some self introspection. That's my advice.

  5. After reading the reviews below… especially by Indians, it is so upsetting that we Indians are talking shit about our own people.. Who is making us proud internationally. Instead of supporting PC we are finding a way to criticize her. If she is in Hollywood is only because of hard work and success. We should not forget that she has given a bench mark performances like in FASHION.

  6. Dear people in comments hating PC: Haram khoron. kutton. Saley kameenay log.
    As Indians you are hating on PC a fellow Indian and superstar who's made it in Bollywood & Hollywood?! Support fellow Indians who are trail blazing you sons of bitches!!fuck you!

  7. who the fuck is zac efron. I only know Priyanka Chopra and thesomethingrock. why the white females cast's faces looks same ? ew im so fed up with hollyboo

  8. Did anyone else saw Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson) and thought of Matthew Daddario (Alec Lightwood)??
    BTW LOVE Priyanka Chopra. I am so happy she won the "PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD." I'll watch this movie for her and Zac.

    PS. I don't get the hate for Priyanka. Just because she is getting famous? Aish was in Hollywood too. I don't remember people hating her.

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