Battles for Syria | January 8th 2017 | Updates from Damascus

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46 thoughts on “Battles for Syria | January 8th 2017 | Updates from Damascus”

  1. How accurate and legit are these advances? I hope this isn't some propaganda video that just shows us false information. As far as I'm seeing it seems the pockets are going to shrink more significantly, since their supplies have been cut. It's only a matter of time they all surrender.

  2. I am usually against reconciling with your former war opposition but let's see it like this:

    – the SAA gets additional fire power and more personnel
    – rebels lose fighters
    – many of these rebels who switch sides might die in the conflict anyways

    the hardcorse jihadists will be dealed with I am sure.

  3. I have real concern/reservations about these fighters who have all of a sudden realized that they were "on the wrong path" I believe it has more to do with them realizing they are losing and will be defeated. I certainly would not allow them to fight along side me and I definitely wouldn't allow them to keep weapons. I'd put them to work rebuilding all that they have destroyed

  4. these idiots imbecilic moderates have no clue that they are the modern equivalent of the SS Charlemagne "division" in April 1945 Berlin……regarded as traitors by everyone, no possibility of returning home, fighting for a foreign paymaster, defending an atrocious ideology…..

  5. Well, some of those rebels or terrorist decided to surrender to the Syrian government just because they see no victory in sight. So to save their own skin might as well gave it up.
    Smart move though.

  6. Amazing Assad shows restraint.

    If Americans in Seattle revolted, they wouldn't be allowed safe passage to Detroit or amnesty.

    As an American the entire reconciliation is completely foreign to my genes, but I respect Assad and understand it's a radical manner in which to end a proxy war.

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