Bangkok Nightlife 2016 – VLOG 69

Bangkok Nightlife 2016 – VLOG 69 Soi Cowboy / Nana Plaza / Soi 4 / Soi 7

A VLOG from May 2016 taken mostly at Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand. There is also some footage late night on Soi 4 and Soi 7 in this video.

The parts of this video are:

0:00 Soi 4 including Hanrahans Irish Pub
0:53 Tuk Tuk from Soi 4 to Soi 7
1:42 Soi 7
2:15 Moto Taxi ride to Soi Cowboy
3:29 Soi Cowboy
6:30 Closing time walk around Soi Cowboy
10:44 Nana Plaza and Soi 4 very late on

Additional info:

Hanrahans is a popular Irish pub on Soi 4 Nana. There are no freelancers or working girls inside so you can drink in peace.

They have an excellent Western menu and the food is usually served in very large portions. I made a faux pas on this night by ordering Thai food. The Chicken with Cashew Nuts was ok and the portion size good.

Tuk Tuk ride from Soi 4 to Soi 7 – This cost 100 baht which is expensive but I was already drunk and in a rush and didn’t fancy taking a motorbike.

Gulliver’s bar, Soi 5

Gulliver’s bar has a nice interior, nice pool tables, is good for watching sports and there are freelancers around so it should be good right? Well, there is a reason this bar never appears in my videos….

They probably have the worst service staff in all of lower Sukhumvit. I won’t say anymore but if you don’t believe me check out some of the trip advisor reports from this bar.

Brazilian Soccer outfits at Spice Girls on Soi Cowboy

I was a bit gutted on this night as I’d missed the parade of a dozen or so hot coyote girls dressed in their skimpy soccer outfits. Whoever chose this costume design deserves a medal and it seems to be a winner with the customers as the girls never seem to stay outside the bar long.

The girl at 4:32 from the thumbnail is an agency coyote girl working at the Afterskool gogo bar. She was previously working at Cowboy 2 and due to her working for an agency she might not always be around.

There are a lot of agency coyote dancers at the moment on Soi Cowboy and their barfine price is usually around 2-300 baht which is very high. The short time price depends on a lot of factors but would be more expensive than a normal gogo dancer.

These agency girls are part of a trend on Soi Cowboy that seems to be working. They normally are younger and more attractive than normal dancers but their lady drink price is significantly higher at around 300 baht. People are paying these high prices and the agency girls only need one or 2 barfines a week to make it worth their while.

Thai Noodles

This bowl of Red Pork noodles doesn’t look like much but believe me it was the tastiest I’ve had all year. Only 50 baht for a large portion too. You get a choice of egg, thin rice, thick rice, glass (mung bean) or vermicelli noodles to go with your pork.

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1st song (starts 0:53):

Dynatron – Excellerator


2nd song (starts 2:15):

Starforce & Dynatron – Cyborg Cyclops




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  1. 2:10 Blade Runner Alley looks rather "inviting" now. I remember back a year ago there was a place the "The Cave" in that alley. It was a smallish bar with live music and later in the night they had a DJ. Good dance music to take your lady for a while before heading off to Spice or Insomnia. I used to go there a fair bit. Shame it is gone now. There is a Cave Club (I think) in Khao San Road but this was not the same place.

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