Bangkok Nightlife 2016 – VLOG 67

Bangkok Nightlife 2016 – VLOG 67 Soi Cowboy / Spicy Nightclub

A VLOG from April 2016 taken mostly at Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, Thailand.

The parts of this video are:

0:00 Nana BTS Stytrain Station sights
1:03 Train ride to Asok station and sights
2:54 Soi Cowboy
9:07 Will he / won’t he game with a guy and a Soi Cowboy ladyboy
12:15 Spicy Nightclub

The Soi 7/1 ‘Walk of death’

This street has a lot of dirty massage parlours on and the women and ladyboys arn’t shy at all about trying to coax potential customers in. It can be a bit full on TBH and if you are a noob it would take you right out of your comfort zone.

The masseurs will often physically grab you, or block your path. It’s best to be polite but firm and say you are heading to a bar up the street. If you do fancy a massage then negotiate beforehand what services you require and it’s often a very good deal! 🙂

The Lone Wolf

The Thai Red Light areas in general for guys are best enjoyed alone. Many times I’ve been stuck with friends in a certain bar wishing I would have been somewhere else. This goes for Bangkok, Pattaya and Patong.

The nightlife can be a lot of fun with mates around but if you are into the girls then flying solo is the best course of action IMO. The service you receive at most bars is first class and nothing like in the West.

I’ve waited many a time feeling like a spare part for a friend who had gone short time with a damsel. Being a lone wolf in the night is the way forward IMO.


There are now fewer beggars around Bangkok than a couple of years ago. 90%+ are from Cambodia, and unfortunately the money given simply lines the pockets of their bosses and reinforces their unfortunate way of life.

These beggars are merely pawns placed strategically for sympathetic tourists to feel sorry for. If you really want to help them give some money to a charity that actively looks out for their welfare.

ATMs – Citibank Asok

(sidenote: apologies for placing a shot of an ATM clip directly after a beggar shot, it wasn’t intentional)

The use of ATMs is generally bad in Thailand as most charge usage fees ranging from 150 to 200 baht per withdrawal. Plus you get stung on your own banks side of the transaction, and the conversion rate given is often a bit below the market rate.

Regarding the conversion rate to baht CItibank and Aeon are generally regarded as the best ATMs to use. Citibank has no withdrawal fees and also the card can’t get eaten as it is always within plain sight.

It’s a personal choice if you prefer travellers cheques, foreign cash exchanges or ATMs for your Baht. Personally I use the ATMs despite having to pay extra fees and charge as it gives me peace of mind.

Many years ago I foolishly travelled with a hefty amount of cash on me and was relieved of the entire stash by an impossibly beautiful Laos girl. I never got my money back, but it was a good lesson as I never made the same mistake again.

I’m more than happy to pay the ATM fees to ensure that I never get that horrible gut rot feeling in the pit of my stomach that I’ve been robbed.

Cockatoo Ladyboy bar – Soi Cowboy

These ladyboys are amongst the best lookers in Bangkok but they are extremely camera shy if you get up close.

I’m not sure if they are post-op or not as ladyboys are not my thing, but the guy getting a good feel looked like he was feeling up a post-op dancer?

Spicy Nightclub

There are a lot of nightclubs to choose from in central Bangkok. I chose Spicy on this night as I hadn’t been there for ages.

It was OK but pretty quiet on this night, most people head to Spicy after the normal nightclubs close which is around 4 or 5am.

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Music at the start is by the amazing Dynatron:

Dynatron – Dust of the Saturn

2nd song, ladyboy part:



28 thoughts on “Bangkok Nightlife 2016 – VLOG 67”

  1. About what you wrote something like "Bangkok is one of the few places in the world where you should actually go out alone…" I completely agree. I was in Bangkok during April, and I consistently ended up in the weirdest, most strange, fucked up places I have ever been to… but it was SO MUCH FUN! 😀

    I had the best journey of my life in that city!

  2. I'm actually somewhat scared of how well these ladyboys look like women. Not that I'd come near a place like this. Just saying. Who could tell sometimes? Imagine being tricked…

  3. 13:35 … None of the customers dancing up on the stage of Spicy? Whenever we go there, you always have a heap of people dancing up there instead of the coyotes.
    14:02 … and when Spicy closes we head off to one of the out of the way Thai karaoke bars. They go till noon the next day. By then you need some sleep before starting again that evening. Bangkok is hard work!

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