Bangkok Night Scenes – February 2016

Bangkok Night Scenes – February 2016

Footage all taken in various places in central Bangkok. This is a mixture of walking parts, bars, and general street scenes.

This footage was taken all on one day from February 2016 when the police closed all the bars and nightclubs early at 2am.

Feel free to skip around the parts from this video:

0:03 7-Elven beer stop
0:39 Soi Cowboy
5:02 Soi 23, home of the Crazy House gogo bar (arguably the best gogo bar in Bangkok)
6:15 Taxi ride from Soi Cowboy to Soi 4 Nana
9:30 Rajah Hotel car park bars
10:27 Nana Plaza inc. closing time
14:27 Soi 4 Nana very late at night

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49 thoughts on “Bangkok Night Scenes – February 2016”

  1. I have seen many of your videos and all it shows is lots of people doing a lot of nothing…including many American men nursing a beer sitting alone. I would never consider going there and I am single…..

  2. At times when watching these videos I like to think that Bangkok 112 just has a Go Pro strapped to his head and stares at people without moving.

  3. All these men dressed in Business clothes. I bet all the wives back at home wouldn't have a clue that they r banging some Thai Pussy haha

  4. i like seeing how people are dressed so i can dress different to stand out to the ladies when i'm there. i think there's alot of freebies to be had there, you just need a good style and have your pimp game turned up a notch and you could be hooking up with perfect 10's. but i guess if you're buying hookers you can wear a leaf and they would still be happy to take your money haha.

  5. how do the women tourists feel surrounded with these cute Thai bar girls? they must feel awkward right? no man doesn't have a wondering eye

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