Bangkok Night Scenes – April 2016

Bangkok Night Scenes – April 2016

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Bangkok night scenes including Soi Cowboy, cute girls on the street and various other, interesting scenes!


26 thoughts on “Bangkok Night Scenes – April 2016”

  1. DUDE! Right at 12:26 enter what I'm talking about!! Please show us women like her, the extra thin one darker that was walking with the old man.. "ehh" way to thin for me, but that woman with ass from 12:26 to 12:49, which is way to short for such a perfect woman, she had an actual "ASS" man!!! – Them two on the steps after her were "ehh"..

  2. just when these guys think no one knows them in bangkok so they can go get some hookers, but theres camera everywhere filimg them. fk that

  3. 2.22 which station is that ???? your voice is not clear…..going to bangkok this November ….need the station name .also what is the name of the place @ 12.10 with a hooker walking by. Merci Beaucoup.

  4. 14:05 Yes, that is the short time hotel the girls from Cowboy will take you to. 350 baht for 1 hour. Rooms are small and very basic. Just a double bed and a bathroom.

  5. "spotted already very cute girls standing outside" lol.. in bangkok cute girls grow on trees… can meet anytime anyday.. just take extra care thats it..

  6. King Epic….. pm me next time your going to Thailand brother…… I would like to hang out with you and go find lots of hot chicks wear them out go find another haha…. Like your videos…. super cool dude and thanks for all the info videos my friend. Peace

  7. Are there that many attractive girls in Bangkok or are you just focusing on them?

    The guy in the green shirt should have gone for it b/c at home she would cost $1,000 perhaps and there maybe $100.
    My philosophy is get as much pleasure out of life as one can without harming or hurting yourself and others. Life is to dam short.

  8. Simple question. When you're just walking around these bars, how do you carry money? I assume you have your passport with you at all times but what about cash?

  9. When the video started, I didn't realize you were at Terminal 21 until I saw the girl at 1:21. She hangs out near there. She was at a street bar when I was there in October; she is nice, but hardened.

    I'll be back at GCP on May 1.

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