Bai Super Bowl Commercial 2017 ft. Justin Timberlake & Christopher Walken

Bai Super Bowl Commercial 2017 #DrinkBai Justin Timberlake Bai Commercial Ft. Justin Timberlake permiered during the Super Bowl.

by Superbowl TV

Howdy! There are hundreds of thousands of humorous videos on the internet, with some of them being so funny one can’t resist laughing, while others lighten our mood up after a hard day at the office. As for today, our team’s experts have spotted and recommend this video to all of you, with an astonishing number of [vid_likes] likes!

Try not to laugh!

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34 thoughts on “Bai Super Bowl Commercial 2017 ft. Justin Timberlake & Christopher Walken”

  1. This drink is my go to drink whenever I have any craving of soda. The Maki Coconut one is my fav, but all are good. It makes me feel better knowing No GMO, no gluten, and the sweetener is stevia.

  2. lol pretty funny,then i said bai let me try it,and man im hookedon this drink i tryed the pome granate which they show in this comercial,it taste real good,then i also tryed coconut,coconu pinapple i love em"only thing subjest anyone is to drink it cold,but this stuff is really tasty

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