Audi Super Bowl Commercial 2017 Daughter

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Audi Super Bowl Commercial 2017 Daughter. Progress is in every decision we make, every technology we invent, every vehicle we build. It’s our past, our future, …


27 thoughts on “Audi Super Bowl Commercial 2017 Daughter”

  1. the lies in this so called advert come flying so thick and fast it is barely imagineable, it is such bs, for a start how are they determining this so called value? the dollar amount? is that wealth? why? isn't fresh water, clean air and a balanced eco system a form of wealth? this advert was satanic through and through, all about creating walls and divisions, non stop. all the while pretending to sell a car

  2. Tell her you don't believe in all the history of Audi and you have lost faith in going with liberal bull shit…….I love your cars and was thinking about getting an S6….Not when you have this type of management in place…Audi Are you really that dumb…Present your history you fools….

  3. That is the Hampstead girl from the satanic cult. They are laughing at us. Pimping this poor girl! Go and look it up. Look up hampstead cover and see if this girl is the same girl. Spot on!!!!

  4. I work for Audi and love my Audi… but I'm ashamed of this commercial. Audi, you make great cars. Why are you shooting yourself in the foot?! You should want to sell more not less!

  5. 683 comments so far, most negative, some verging on hatred but I wonder how many actually got off their belligerent arses and voiced their 'unhappiness' to Audi? None? I thought so…

  6. This has to be one of the most lopsided, biased ads I've seen.   I have a suggestion for this poor dad as he laments the future of his victimized daughter:  tell her the truth, idiot. She lives in the country that she has as many rights and more than  men, goes to college and graduates at approx.  Earns a 10% higher rate than men, earns as much as men in jobs that are equal, if she is equally qualified and has been employed for as long, and she can ad to the over 30% of businesses that are currently started by women!  Not bad.  Maybe it's time for the lefty whackos and femis to stop the crying over how second status women are, when they absolutely aren't!  Maybe if the femis think women are rated so low in this country, they should seek refuge in some Mideast country  — you know, a muslim country, where women have virtually no rights– but, you never hear about that by anyone on the left in America, since muslims are afforded special status, and can seem to do no wrong.

  7. So far I see 2116 idiots that don't know the difference between a wage gap and an earnings gap. Big difference. Wage gap does not exist; Earning gap does. However, earnings are based on many different variables such as job type, education level, tenure, etc.

  8. What will he tell his daughter?

    That VW/Audi genuflected in submission to the Economic Prevention Agency to atone for its sins in producing vehicles that yielded lower aggregate emissions per mile due to attaining higher miles per gallon in conflict with nonsensical testing formulae put forth by the apparatchiki.

    Additionally, he will tell her to never let reality interfere with a good governmental story that can be passed off as truth to an undiscerning pubic with a little help from servile media.

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