ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom Hands On at CES 2017!

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Author : Android Authority
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24 thoughts on “ASUS Zenfone 3 Zoom Hands On at CES 2017!”

  1. this shit tries to mimic iphone 7 plus camera but will fail horibly stupid. just look at that ugly looking unstable UI they couldn't fix like they hire some software engineer somewhere in a thirdworld country. there is gonna be a lot of bugs comming on this shit

  2. iDiots acting like Apple invented the dual rear camera setup. The first dual rear camera smartphones were the Evo 3D and then the LG Optimus 3D shortly after in 2011. Apple is never first at anything. also the first two Android phones (HTC G1/Dream and MyTouch/Sapphire had no 3.5mm jack and had to use adaptors for headphones. With that said, I really wish manufacturers parted ways with that awful and overused tri-panel design from the HTC M7.

  3. I absolutely hate when a company makes a great phone but makes it look almost exactly like an iPhone or Samsung because al you ever hear is "oh, so you bought a knock off"

  4. those dual cameras was first invented by HTC EVO 3D if u guys really want to know _"

    all this comment is really annoying , saying who was the first invented the dual cameras but u guys really dont know which 1 that has made it first _"

  5. Eff. Cannot wait to see this phone in the wild and try it out myself, if the camera performs well (which the specs would certainly suggest) then this is an almost definite buy for me, 5000 mAh is insane!! I had a hard-on for the Huawei Mate 9 at 4000 mAh and this blows it away, with a smaller form factor too. drool

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