April 2016: Embedded collar, case No. 4

We had been notified of her 10 days ago, tried to trap her 2x without success until Fatou and Myrthe finally did it!
Well done!
I hope that she will heal. On the neck and inside.
And not become another “Chance”…



36 thoughts on “April 2016: Embedded collar, case No. 4”

  1. People are complaining that they don't like any laughter??? Mishca and his assistants give these poor animals a new life, now that's something to smile about!!! Laughter is not only good for the soul, it probably helps them to get through the day after seeing such horrible things that are done to these helpless animals. Go back to your black hole!!!

  2. 오래전부터 구독중입니다
    저도 유기견을 현재 두마리 키웁니다
    한마리는16살 한마리는 5살
    선생님과 간호사님들에 대해 궁금하네요
    영어를 할줄 몰라서. .
    그래도 이렇게 댓글 남겨 봅니다
    유기견들도 돌보고 계시는건지. . ?
    아픈아이들 볼때마다 맘이 아프네요

  3. You have right to laugh, you have being doing that for such a long time.
    You are acting just like a parent that's fixing up he's child because he/she did something silly and got into a trouble.

  4. Are you serious Micha…people complain because you all laugh during a procedure??? I am sure you are not actually laughing at the animals condition. But more so that people actually leave animals in such horrible conditions.

  5. thank you for saving another case of an embedded collar. they are the worst by far causing so much suffering over such a long time. I hate people who do this, they should be caught and have the same done to them! horrible people in this world who do this!
    again I thank you for saving this poor Dog, I bet he/she will make a great PET for someone to love and I bet she will be full of love to give back!

  6. Die Arbei die Sie machen ist wirklich Heldenhaft! Wie Sie die Tiere retten also wirklich mir fehlen die Worte. Sie verdienen einen Orden dafür!! Gott möge Sie und Ihre ganze Familie schützen.

  7. Thanks for all your kind comments. Evel ( Evie) Knievel* (so not Evil, definately not !) is staying in my foster care.. We will first give her some time to relax and get trust in humans again and after that we will see what the next step is going to be.
    She is living here with two order dogs that take good care of her and show her life can be fun again
    She is doing fine. She is very very shy to humans and any movement. Even a falling mango tree leaf will make her run away but there comes in the company from our own dogs: they will show her a mango leaf is nothing to be afraid of 🙂

    * We named her Evel Knievel after the famous American stuntman Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel, as she is living a "dangerous" life at the checkpoint with all big trucks passing by, crossing in between them and sleeping on the road side.

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